Downtown Mission


Downtown Mission Action Plan

Painted picture of the front of the post office

Council adopted the plan as Policy LAN.58 – MissionCityDowntown Action Plan  on July 2, 2013.

The Mission City Downtown Action Plan is organized into three main components:

  • Five Fundamentals;
  • Ten Big Moves; and
  • Implementation.

The vision statement and the goals in the plan were developed during the planning process. The Ten Big Moves have individual and discrete actions, also listed in the Implementation Section, that when completed will revitalize the downtown.  The document is designed as an actionplan to stimulate both private and public investment and improve the economics of the downtown.  Some of the actions can be undertaken immediately while others will occur over time.

Each action in the Implementation Table (page 54) has a suggested timeframe as well as possible partners, staff roles and responsibilities, and funding sources with high level cost estimates. It is important to note that without design and construction drawings, the actual cost for some projects is difficult to determine and the estimated costs are simply rough estimates at this time. More detail about the actions including sketches and descriptions are found in the Ten Big Moves section of the plan (page 31).

MissionCity Downtown Design Guidelines

The Downtown Mission Action Plan sets out a clear vision for Downtown Mission as a highly sustainable and unique urban place that is the cultural, civic and social heart of the District. Key to the success of the Downtown Action Plan will be the emphasis on its unique identity, and its desired future as a compact, mixed use vibrant and pedestrian-oriented Downtown.

Façade improvements along 1st Avenue can play a significant role in the Downtown over the short and medium term. As such, the design guidelines address 1st Avenue as a sub area with specific strategies and guidelines included for façade renovations and upgrades to existing buildings.

The broad intent of these design guidelines is to guide implementation of the Downtown Action Plan by translating the vision and associated objectives and policies for the Downtown into a set of specific design strategies and approaches. In this way, the guidelines provide a visionary and practical framework for use by District Staff, Council, developers and builders to guide the development review process (development permit and zoning) for new development and renovations within the Downtown.

These guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive but rather, to encourage flexibility and innovation in building design. They are focused on form over character, and in achieving a timeless architecture that emphasizes a human scale through the use of articulation and architectural design.

Downtown Development Incentive Program

The Mission Downtown Development Incentive Program is a package of incentives designed to assist with investment in commercial and residential development projects within the Downtown Core.  They include taxation and fee related considerations, flexibility on parking requirements and building height, as well as facade and signage improvements to both new and existing buildings.