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Economic Development 2016 Objectives




2018-2022 Strategic Plan

As part of Council’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, Council identified six strategic focus areas for the 2018-2022 term of office. These are areas the Council considers priorities for the near and long term. Included in this list is:

Complete 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

For more information, please contact the Economic Development Department at 604-820-3789 or email

Investment Attraction

New business investment leads to new employment opportunities and greater prosperity. Fundamental to attracting new investment to Mission is the expansion and higher utilization of our industrial land base. For Mission, an update to the current Employment Lands Strategy with a specific focus on a demand analysis of our industrial land base and waterfront is required. Once the demand is articulated and the industrial land base is determined, significant time and marketing resources will be devoted to attracting industry and waterfront development interest to Mission.

  1. Objective: Coordinate and host meeting with waterfront land owners to explore waterfront redevelopment.
  2. Objective: Assistance to Genstar/Madison and its representative agents on the promotion and sale of this large tract of urban development land.
  3. Objective: Coordinate and host meeting with Silverdale Flats ALR land owners.
  4. Objective: Develop strategy for higher utilization of Mission Flats industrial zone.

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)

BRE is an economic development tool to encourage the growth and stability of local businesses. BRE fosters job growth and economic prosperity while promoting a favorable business environment. Through BRE efforts, Mission will identify opportunities and barriers facing local businesses and develop actions to address them. The economic development office is committed to working with local businesses to ensure that they have the support they need to sustain and expand their operations.

  1. Objective: 16 business visitations.
  2. Objective: Measurable industrial business expansion involving direct EDO assistance.
  3. Objective: Update Employment Lands Strategy (ELS).
  4. Objective: Determine viability of a trade and investment mission to attract foreign investment.

Workforce Development

Workforce development is an approach that enhances a region’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing on the development of people and industry sectors rather than specific businesses. The objective of the service within the context of Mission is an effort to better understand the current and future needs of our workforce and to improve the quality and relevance of that workforce for specific sectors. Efforts are partnered and would include employment services providers, industry associations, educational institutions and other local and provincial government partners.

  1. Objective: Launch “Tech Starts Here” campaign with SRCTec
  2. Objective: Launch Fraser Valley Tech Jobs web portal
  3. Objective: Tech Sector Development & Broadband Connectivity Gap Analysis for Mission
  4. Objective: Increased technical training programs delivered in Mission.
  5. Objective: Move film production services to outside contractor.
  6. Objective: Move tourism services to the Chamber of Commerce.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing and communications programs and events are designed to promote and attract business and investment opportunities in Mission. Communication with our many partners, local municipalities, industry stakeholders and businesses is also a major area of focus to ensure we foster a business friendly environment. This area of responsibility is coordinated in partnership with the Manager of Civic Engagement & Corporate Initiatives.

  1. Objective: Marketing & Communications plan developed for 2016.


Currently the economic development office exists as a sub-set of Corporate Administration. In order to improve transparency, it is recommended that the economic development office transition to a stand-alone department.

  1. Objective: Convert the economic development office to a department.