Engineering & Public Works


Engineering and Public Works oversee the evaluation, planning, and operations related to municipal roads, water, sewer, and drainage systems as well as managing the municipal equipment fleet, radio communications system, and the municipal gravel pit operations. The department also administers the Waste Management Program which involves the provision of services for the collection and processing of solid wastes in the District.

Engineering & Public Works Latest Updates

Public Works 24-Hour Line for Emergency and Non-Emergency Issues:  604-820-3761


Engineering General Inquiries    • Phone: 604-820-3736   • Fax: 604-826-7951
Public Works General Inquiries  • Phone: 604-820-3761   • Fax: 604-826-8633

Director of Engineering and Public Works Tracy Kyle 604-820-3739
Manager of Engineering Design and Planning Hirod Gill 604-820-3713
Manager of Development Engineering and Projects Jay Jackman 604-820-3745
Manager of Environmental Services Barry Azevedo 604-820-3737
Manager of Business Services Brent Schmitt 604-820-5365
Operations Manager Matt Dunham 604-820-3765
Assistant Operations Manager – Roads and Drainage Dale Vinnish 604-820-3768
Assistant Operations Manager – Utilities Tim Henry 604-814-1273