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Fraser River Crossing Forcemain Project


The District of Mission Fraser River Sanitary Forcemain Project – Land Contract is in Partnership with the Federal and Provincial Government via the Clean Waste Water Fund (CWWF)

Forcemain background information

The existing 600 mm Ø steel siphon sanitary main from Mission to Abbotsford was installed in 1982 across the Fraser River downstream of the Mission Bridge.  The District has recognized the vulnerability of the existing forcemain, as it is the only pipe conveying wastewater to the JAMES WWTP. The District has identified the need to install a new pipe in parallel with the existing pipe to increase capacity and provide much needed redundancy.

This project, shown on Figure 1 below, includes the following:
• Detailed design and construction management services for a 900 mm Ø crossing of the Fraser River; and
• Detailed design and construction services for the connecting land portions on both the north and south side of the Fraser River

The detailed design and construction management services were awarded to Onsite Engineering Ltd . The river crossing portion which will be dredge, drag, and cover, has been tendered out as a separate contract which is currently under review.

Construction Schedule

Project Schedule for the Land Portion of this project
Preconstruction Meeting:  July 17, 2018
Construction on the Abbotsford side:  August 13, 2018 to May, 2019
Construction on the Mission side:  September 4, 2018 to June, 2019

Completion: June, 2019


Project Budget for the Land Portion is $7 Million


Project Consulting Engineer:
Onsite Engineering Ltd.
Prime Contractor for the Land Portion of this project:
JJM Construction Ltd.

District Project Manager:
Jay Jackman