Mosquito Control

The FVRD’s Mosquito Control Program is going to continue in 2016. Contracted consultants, Morrow Bioscience Ltd., are monitoring, mapping and treating known breeding sites of the most common nuisance mosquitoes found in the Fraser Valley, which hatch when river levels rise during freshet. The program focusses on controlling these mosquitoes in their larval stage before they emerge from the water as adults. Sites may be treated by hand or helicopter using an approved bacterial larvicide which kills the mosquitoes without affecting other aquatic organisms, birds or bats. The FVRD does not conduct fogging or spraying for adult mosquitoes.

Monitoring for West Nile Virus (WNV)

Monitoring of mosquitoes and corvid birds for West Nile virus was initiated by Fraser Health in 2003. To date, no evidence of West Nile virus has been detected in the Fraser Health region, with one exception of an infected horse in Langley in 2009. While other areas of BC, such as the South Okanagan, have found WNV indicators in both humans and animals in previous years.

No spraying to kill adult mosquitoes is conducted, unless the Fraser Health Authority issues an order. No such order has been issued in the past and would only be issued, if there were an outbreak of West Nile virus. The Fraser Health region is still considered to be at some risk for the occurrence of WNV; however, the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) concluded that potential outbreaks will be limited to low numbers of sporadic cases. As a result, Ministry of Health funding will no longer be made available for active WNV mosquito monitoring and reduction initiatives. Sightings of dead corvids (crows, jays, magpies etc.), who would be the main carriers of WNV, can still be reported directly to the BCCDC. BCCDC staff will monitor submissions for unusual clusters of dead corvids and will investigate, if warranted.

Tire Roundup

Tires provide excellent breeding grounds for mosquito larvae. Due to concerns about West Nile virus in past years, the Fraser Valley Regional District has hosted several tire roundup events, where people can drop off passenger vehicle and light truck tires in designated locations free of charge. The event usually takes place in August. Please check back here for updates around July.

Off-rim passenger vehicle and light truck tires can be dropped off at the Mission Landfill free of charge year round; on-rim vehicle tires can also be dropped off for $1.00 per tire.