The Environmental Charter’s purpose is to emphasize the importance of a healthy environment to Mission’s residents and businesses, both now and in the future, and to identify actions that can be taken to enhance and maintain a healthy environment.

The District of Mission’s purpose statement is:

To build a safe, healthy & inclusive community abundant in economic, recreational & cultural opportunities.

Inherent in this statement is the importance of protecting and sustaining ecosystems within the District. Properly functioning ecosystems are a prerequisite for ensuring a healthy community while allowing for economic and recreational opportunities. The District of Mission Council recognized this in its 2006 strategic planning session, where the development of an Environmental Charter was identified as a key objective.

Vision for Mission’s Natural Environment

A clean, healthy and naturally diverse environment that is respected and cared for by all members of the community.

The importance of a healthy natural environment for a sustainable Mission cannot be understated. The Fraser River supports a significant commercial and sports fishery, Mission’s municipal forest provides significant employment opportunities and recreational activities. The Stave River system supports swimming, fishing and boating opportunities. Residents and animals, wild and domestic, require clean air, land and water to thrive.

The District’s Official Community Plan is based on achieving a sustainable society — healthy environment, social justice and economic development. The OCP clearly identifies the importance of managing natural resources and preserving ecosystems. In addition, the OCP identifies that we all have responsibilities as stewards of the environment. The Environmental Charter is akin to the Social Development Plan and the Economic Development Strategy that are being developed by the District and demonstrates the District’s commitment to addressing community sustainability.

A clean, healthy and naturally diverse environment is critical to a sustainable Mission.