In urgent situations, or to report aggressive wildlife, please call the Provincial Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

Wildlife, including dangerous wildlife, such as bears, cougars and coyotes, is regulated under the provincial Wildlife Act. The District of Mission’s roles and responsibilities lie in the provision of information and promotion of co-existence and conflict prevention. The Fraser Valley Regional District has taken on a regional role in the prevention of wildlife conflicts, including those with bears, cougars and coyotes, and funds a co-funds a coordinator for the provincial WildSafeBC (formerly Bear Aware) program every summer.

To reduce flooding caused by beaver dams, the District has installed flow devices in identified trouble spots throughout the community, eliminating the need for trapping beavers. Private land owners may also make use of this effective, humane and relatively inexpensive technology.


Also visit the District’s Bear Awareness page

For more information on the WildSafeBC Program, please visit:
WildsafeBC (click on WARP for a map of bear sightings in your area)

For more information on various wildlife species, please visit:
the Ministry of Environment’s Conservation Officer Service website, or
click on any of the following links for additional information on co-existing with: bears, beavers, cougars, or coyotes.

For information on flow devices, please visit: