Road Permits


Road Closure/Street Use Permits

Road Closure/Street Use Permits are required for any closure of a street, lane, or sidewalk in relation to a special event, work, or construction. As per the Traffic Regulation Bylaw 1698-1987 (5.04 – Temporary Use Permits):

“The Municipal Engineer may, on application by a person or corporation, issue a temporary street use permit, subject to an application fee of $154.50 (effective January 1, 2016), authorizing the placement of barricades for a particular purpose; said permit to state the nature of the work to be undertaken, the type of barricading required, and the period of time it may remain. This provision does not apply to work being carried out by the District of Mission.”

Extraordinary Traffic Permits
for Overweight and/or Overheight Vehicles

District of Mission Traffic Regulation Bylaw No. 1698-1987 provides for Extraordinary Traffic Permits for Overweight and/or Overheight Vehicles.  The permit applies to vehicles and equipment over 2.6 metres in width, 12.5 metres in length or 4.5 metres in height. A permit valid for a single trip is subject to an application fee of $103.  An Extraordinary Traffic Permit together with the fee is submitted to the Engineering Department for processing and issuing.

Traffic Regulation Bylaw 1698-1987
Street Use Permit & Road Notification Application Form
Extraordinary Traffic Permit