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Transportation Master Plan


Transportation Master Plan

Mission’s Transportation Master Plan is now complete. This plan was created to support the goals outlined in Mission’s Official Community Plan over the next 25 years and beyond. While cost estimates are provided within this plan, they are only the most early projections of costs. For each key component listed below, additional planning and design is needed to finalize any and all costs related to delivering on the recommendations in the Transportation Master Plan.


Five Key Components

  1. Pedestrian Plan
  2. Bicycling Plan
  3. Transit Strategy
  4. Goods Movement Plan
  5. Road Network Plan

Along with the five key components the following six objectives for the Transportation Master Plan are set out in the Official Community Plan:

  1.  Provide a safe, balanced and integrated transportation system giving consideration to all modes of transportation – pedestrian, public transit, private vehicle, bicycles and other alternative modes;
  2. Provide an efficient, safe and pleasant road network to meet the existing and future needs of the community;
  3. Support a public transit system that provides a convenient alternative to the automobile, and promotes transit-supportive land-use development;
  4. Encourage walking within the community and provide for a safe, convenient and pleasant environment for pedestrians;
  5. Support cycling as an important travel mode and work towards a comprehensive, District-wide system of trails and facilities for cyclists; and
  6. Maintain and improve the multi-use and equestrian trails in the municipality.
Transportation Master Plan