Waste Management


Report missed pickups and other service issues directly to the collection contractor, Remple Disposal at 604-820-6487

The Engineering Department administers the Waste Management Program which involves the provision of services for the collection and processing of solid wastes in the District. Mission residents receive weekly curbside collection of compostables, recyclables and garbage. Collection is weekly for compostables and recyclables, and bi-weekly for garbage.

To determine your collection day, please consult the 2019 Curbside Collection Calendar or add the Recycle-Coach app to your iOS or Android device to get reminders sent straight to your phone. Fore more detailed information on Mission’s waste collection services, select on option from the menu located on the right-hand side of the web page.

Effective July 31, 2019, curbside recyclables will be collected in reusable containers, rather than blue bags, in order to completely keep film plastics out of the mixed recyclables stream. Residents receiving curbside collection from the District will be delivered a 121-litre recycling bin the week of July 22, 2019, or shortly thereafter. Once you have received the bin, please use it for setting out your recyclables on your very next collection day. The list of acceptable materials will stay the same, but recyclables will no longer be collected in blue bags.

Information about the bin and recycling collection will be inside the bin when it’s delivered to you. More information is also available at www.mission.ca/recycling. You can also call the District of Mission Engineering Department at 604-820-3736 or email engineering@mission.ca.

  • Glass is no longer allowed in blue bags but will be collected in a separate Black Box every second week on your garbage day.
  • Film plastics (grocery bags and bread bags) are no longer allowed in curbside recyclable pickups, but can be dropped off at the Mission Recycling Depot and Mission Bottle Depot, or brought back to retailers that provide drop-off containers.
  • The additional products that will be accepted at drop-off depots also include:
    • most retail consumer packaging
    • household aerosol cans
    • frozen juice containers
    • plastic plant pots
    • Styrofoam™

Please carefully read through the information below to familiarize yourself with the changes. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at engineering@mission.ca or call us 604-820-3736.

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Dispose of Items the Right Way

The following guides have been created to help you differentiate between what is recyclable and what should be thrown away.


Plastics & Styrofoam

Metal Containers & Glass

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