Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional


Collection of Waste at Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) Properties

ICI properties are required to make their own arrangement for collection and disposal of all waste streams, including garbage, recyclables and compostable waste (food and yard waste).

ICI Mandatory Recycling Initiative

During 2016, the District is seeking input from ICI property owners and tenants regarding mandatory recycling collection at all ICI properties. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that businesses in Mission have recycling collection opportunities for staff similar to the recycling opportunity available at most homes in Mission.

Audits of Mission’s ICI garbage in 2013 and 2015 found significant amounts of recycling in ICI garbage. Landfilling recyclable materials represent a loss of resources and energy. Landfilling recyclable waste also results in the production of potent greenhouse gases and harmful leachate (a toxic fluid that drains from landfills that can kill fish and contaminate groundwater).

The District will be sending letters to all ICI businesses in 2016 to advise of the consultation process, including explaining the program, and providing opportunities for feedback via email, phone calls and at open consultation meetings. The following information is available from the District website to assist with explaining the initiative and help with implementation of a recycling program:

Feedback on the proposed mandatory program can be provided by:

Email:, or
Phone: 604-820-3736