Litter & Illegal Dumping


If you feel that someone or the environment is in imminent danger
or may have been exposed, call 911.

Beware of These Illegally Dumped Materials

Picture of litter in a ditchIf you come across generic 20-litre pails with lids, 45-gallon drums, together with black garbage bags or other plastic containers, do not touch, kick, move, or open any of the containers.  They can be of serious concern, as they often contain the by-products of illicit drug manufacture, and most of these substances are highly toxic.  Do not investigate dumps of this nature.

Call the Fire Department at 604-820-3793 or 604-820-3794 at your earliest convenience.

Report the exact location of the dumped materials, approximately how many pails, drums and bags you found, whether the materials were dumped in or near a creek, whether you observed any staining or odours, and whether there are other people in the area who may become exposed to the materials.

Mission Environmental Stewardship Society

Formerly known as Mission Adopt-A-Block

The Mission Environmental Stewardship Society, a dedicated group of volunteers, helps keep our community free from litter and illegally dumped waste.

For more details or to get involved, please see the contact information below under “Litter Clean-up Fundraiser Opportunities.”

Please report any illegal dumping or roadside litter to Public Works at 604-820-3761.

Litter Cleanup Fundraiser Opportunities

Mission Environmental Stewardship Society provides fundraiser opportunities for Mission non-profits through the Society’s annual spring & pop-up clean-ups.

All Mission non-profits (including schools and sports teams) can apply to participate in a community litter clean-up for the remuneration of up to $400.

Spring cleanup takes place in April and May, with an application deadline of January 31st. 
The Pop-up Clean-ups take place throughout the year as the need arises. Groups can apply any time and can either identify a heavily littered area or have one assigned.

Mission Environmental Stewardship Society: or email

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Every year, thousands of Canadians gather in September to clean up shorelines of oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and other waterways and wetlands. Get involved this September and join the TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Mission’s Forest!