Mission’s Curbside Recycling Collection Program has changed

On April 3, 2017, Mission joined the provincial government’s stewardship program for packaging and printed paper, administered by Recycle BC (formerly known as Multi-Material BC). The Recycle BC program is also expected to result in more material being recycled overall, helping the District to achieve its diversion goals.

Recycle BC FAQs

Mission’s recycling program has received international acclaim and has been rated among the best in Canada for the volume of material diverted from landfill. Information in this section includes details on curbside recycling, depot and landfill drop-off, and recycling options for materials managed by private industry, such as beverage containers, paint, fluorescent light tubes and oil.

Effective July 31, 2019, curbside recyclables will be collected in reusable containers, rather than blue bags, in order to completely keep film plastics out of the mixed recyclables stream. The District is still evaluating container options for replacing blue bags in the curbside collection system, and will provide further information to all residents in the curbside collection area in the spring of 2019.

Our Quick Reference Guides give you the highlights of what is included in Curbside Recycling program.

Residential Curbside Recycling Guide

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Onsite Curbside Recycling Guide

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Dispose of Items the Right Way

Please make sure containers are emptied and rinsed before placing them in the Blue Box or Glass Recycling bin. Bring excessive amounts of cardboard, containers and/or paper products to the Mission Recycling Depot. Not sure where an item is supposed to go? Plug it into the waste wizard below to find out!


Plastics & Styrofoam

Metal Containers & Glass

Drop-Off Recycling Locations

Drop-Off Recycling Locations

Residents of rural areas of Mission are encouraged to drop off their blue-bag recyclables at the Mission Landfill or at the Mission Recycling Depot. View the Mission Depot Drop-Off guide for a list of accepted materials.

Mission Landfill (Minnie’s Pit)
32000 Dewdney Trunk Road
Mission, BC

Please see the Mission Landfill page for more information.

Mission Recycling Depot
7729 Mershon Street
Mission, BC

Please see the Mission Recycling Depot page for more information.

Additionally, the privately-owned Mission Recycle Centre at 7233 Park Street accepts additional materials, including beverage containers for deposit refund and StyrofoamTM. For more information, visit

EPR Drop-Off Programs

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs are industry-driven initiatives for waste reduction and recycling, which cover materials not included in the curbside collection service. The cost of recycling is funded by producers and consumers at the time of purchase of these products, so that there are no charges at the time of drop-off. To find out more about current and upcoming programs, visit the Ministry of Environment’s Product Stewardship page, or click on one of the links below to find a collection facility near you for these products:

Charitable Donations

Do you have any reusable or resellable items too good to be discarded? Why not try one of the charitable organizations (see page 5 of your 2019 Curbside Collection Calendar for a current listing) in our area to see if your trash may be someone else’s treasure? Please keep in mind that the items must be clean, in working condition and actually reusable.

Donation Bins

Donation bins for reusable clothing are located in various locations throughout Mission, and are provided by the Developmental Disabilities Association and the Canadian Diabetes Association. For specific bin locations, please click on the links to their respective websites.

Other Links:

Full Circles Mission (formerly Mission Freecycle™)-give away and receive items for free
-swap items at low cost
Charitable Organizations accepting reusable and resellable items in good, clean condition

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