Municipally Funded Grants


Municipally Funded Grants

The deadline has now passed to apply for a 2020 Municipally Funded Grant.


The District accepts grant applications from groups engaged in arts, culture, recreation and social services for municipally funded grants.

Application Forms:

Full details of the eligibility requirements and application procedures can be found here:

Application forms and information are also available from the Corporate Services Department, Municipal Hall, 8645 Stave Lake Street, Mission, BC, telephone (604) 820-3700.


A local community group in the arts, cultural, recreational or social services field may apply for a grant if:

  1. it is not commercial in nature;
  2. it is incorporated, either under the Societies Act of British Columbia, under any federal act as a charitable organization or registered as a Community Contribution Company (CCC), OR, in the event that the funding applied for is equal to or less than $500.00, it is an unincorporated group with a written constitution which evidences objectives which are charitable in nature;
  3. it has demonstrated sound financial and administrative management;
  4. there is demonstrated financial need;
  5. it complies with the provisions contained in Section 271 of the Local Government Act, as may be amended from time to time; and
  6. funding would benefit the residents of the District of Mission.

Year End Reporting Forms:

The District of Mission is seeking community minded individuals who would like to volunteer on the Municipal Grants Select Committee. Click here to learn more.