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Development Cost Charge


Development Cost Charge


The  District of Mission has recently completed an update of its Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw 5214-2011, including the DCC rates.  This review and update was completed on October 1, 2018 at which time DCC Bylaw 5714-2018 was adopted by Council, after conducting a public consultation process, and receiving approval from the Inspector of Municipalities.

Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are imposed under Bylaw 5714-2018, and are related to capital costs attributable to growth-related projects that are consistent with the Official Community Plan of the Municipality.

DCCs apply to all District of Mission lands and have been divided into four development areas as identified in Schedules “A1” through “A4” of the bylaw.

DCCs apply to every person who obtains:

  • Approval of a subdivision;
  • A building permit authorizing construction, alteration or extension of a building or structure that is to be used for a commercial, industrial or institutional land use; or
  • A building permit authorizing construction, alteration or extension of a residential building containing more than one dwelling unit, other than a secondary dwelling unit.

As an exception to the above, no development cost charges are required to be paid where:

  • The development does not impose any new capital cost burden on the Municipality; or
  • A development cost charge has previously been paid for the the same development unless, as a result of further development or alteration, new capital cost burdens will be imposed on the Municipality; or
  • The building permit authorizes the construction, alteration or extension of a building or part of a building that is, or will be after construction, alteration or extension, be exempt from taxation under sections 220(1)(h) (statutory exemption for places of public worship) or 224(2)(f) (permissive exemptions in relation to places of public worship) of the Community Charter; or
  • The value of the work authorized by a building permit does not exceed $50,000 or any other amount the minister may, by regulation, prescribe; or
  • A building permit authorizes the construction, alteration or extention of self-contained dwelling units where each dwelling unit is no larger than 29 square metres and each dwelling unit is to be put to no other use than the residential use.

Calculation of development cost charges payable in relation to a particular subdivision or building permit application are calculated using Schedule “B” of the DCC bylaw (see link below), and by determining the development, the land use(s), the unit(s) of measure and the applicable charges, as the case may be.

The amount of development cost charges payable in relation to mixed use development is calculated separately for each separate land use that is included in the subdivision or building permit application, and is equal to the sum of development cost charges payable for each land use.

See below for additional information or contact the Development Services Department at 604-820-3726 or email

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