Deferment Application forms for prior year (2018) property taxes can NO LONGER be accepted by the Finance Department.

Tax Deferment Program

The Province of British Columbia offers two variations of the Property tax Deferment Program which is a low interest loan program that assists qualified BC home owners to pay their annual property taxes.  Qualifications vary so please review each program to determine which one you qualify for.

Completed deferment forms are only accepted between the last week of May and December 31st each year and must be forwarded to the District of Mission for processing.  Do not send applications directly to the Province as they will be forwarded back to the District.  This redirection of your application may result in late penalties being applied to your property taxes.

New deferment applicants must:

  1. Pay the utilities (if applicable) to the District of Mission
  2. Claim any Home Owner Grant (if eligible)
  3. Complete the deferment form and submit to the District of Mission

Any deferments received after the July Property Tax due date will have to complete the three steps above along with paying the penalty in order to defer the current years taxes.

Applications received by the District of Mission do not constitute an agreement.  The Province is responsible for the approval or rejection of applications based on the eligibility criteria and rejection notifications may not be sent to applicants until after the tax due date.  Therefore applicants are advised to ensure they meet the criteria for the program before submitting the application as they will be required to pay a penalty of 10% if found ineligible for the program after the tax due date.

The District will forward processed applications to the Province beginning in mid-June after the annual property tax rates are established.  Please direct questions regarding the status of your application after this date to the Tax Deferment office in Victoria at 250-387-0555 or toll free through Enquiry BC at 604-660-2421.

Once Accepted into the Deferment Program

Deferment Program customers should receive a Statement of Account and a Renewal Application Form from the Province by the end of May, around the same time as Tax Notices are received.  The completed renewal application must be received by the District of Mission by the due date to ensure the current year’s taxes are successfully deferred and to avoid a 10% penalty.    A renewal form must be submitted each year to continue deferring your taxes; otherwise property taxes remain due and payable.