Mission Fire Rescue Service


Mission Fire Rescue Service

The Mission Fire Rescue Service is a progressive department, using the National Fire Protection Standard 1001, and the British Columbia Firefighter Certification Programs as a basis for Officer and Firefighter Training.  This has resulted in a well-trained and effective Fire Service Operation.  The Department employs the Incident Command System for Emergency Incidents, resulting in a safe and efficient emergency scene.

The Mission Fire Rescue Service has a strong commitment to fire safety.  The Department offers public education programs, varying from lectures on fire safety to extinguisher training for industry.  In addition, regular fire safety inspections are done by the Department to ensure compliance with the Fire Services Act and the BC Fire Code.

The Mission Fire Rescue Service strives to offer the best fire service possible to its customers within the District of Mission and within the guidelines and resources afforded it by the Council of the District of Mission.

General Inquiries • Phone: 604-820-3793 • Emergencies: 9-1-1 • Fax: 604-820-8624