Burning Regulations and Permits


Burning Regulations for Mission

The District of Mission regulates all outdoor burning within the municipal boundaries through Burning Bylaw 2975-1996.

NOTE: Open burning of yard debris in urban garbage pickup areas is not permitted at any time. Burning of land clearing debris, construction debris, demolition waste, and garbage is also strictly prohibited within the District of Mission.

Consolidated Burning Bylaw

Recreational Fire Pits

Type of Burning


Portable or in-ground recreational fire pits for personal enjoyment, cooking, and warmth.


Dates Permitted


Year-round with permit, except during extreme weather conditions when a fire ban is in place.




Permits must be approved by the Mission Fire Rescue Service. Burning of building materials, debris, and other waste is NOT permitted.


If you purchased a Recreational Fire Pit Permit after 2010 you do not need to renew your permit, it is valid as long as you live in your home.


New Recreational Fire Pit Permits ($40 fee, effective January 1st, 2019) If you would like to obtain a Recreational Fire Pit Permit please complete an application form signed by one owner of the property. Forms can be obtained at the Mission Fire Rescue Service office at 33330 – 7th Avenue (hours are 8:30am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday). Forms can also be downloaded and completed, however, the fee needs to accompany the form and be processed at the Mission Fire Rescue Service prior to use of your fire pit. Please note that if you are a tenant, the property owner must sign your application form.  All permits must be approved and signed by the Mission Fire Rescue Service prior to commencing burning, and all recreational fire pit conditions as outlined under the regulations must be met.  Any unauthorized burning may result in a fine being issued by the District of Mission.


The $40 one-time administration fee is payable by cash or cheque.


Please contact the Mission Fire Rescue Service for further information at 604-820-3793. 

Recreational Fire Pit Permit Application


Burning of Yard Debris in Rural Non-Garbage Pick Up Areas

Type of Burning

Burning of tree prunings, twigs, branches etc.

Dates Permitted

April 1 to April 30, and November 1 to November 30 only.


Burn pile must be kept to a maximum of 3 feet (1m) wide and maximum 3 feet (1m) high and must be hand fed.

Burn pile must be located a minimum of 15 feet (5m) from any   structures or combustibles.

Special Occasion or Ceremonial Fires

Special Occasion Permit FormType of Burning

Fires for special occasions and ceremonial purposes.

Dates Permitted

Year-round except during extreme weather conditions when a fire ban in in place.


A permit is required and must be approved by the Mission Fire Rescue Department.

Special Occasion / Ceremonial Burn Permits are issued year round (except during District of Mission Burning Bans) for the purpose of allowing residents to have a Special Occasion or Ceremonial fire.  The following are examples of this type of permit: Girl Guide/Boy Scout campfires, religious and cultural ceremonies, and family events.

Note that there are restrictions to the size and location of the fire.  All fires must be supervised by an adult at all times and extinguished fully.  It is not permitted to cause unreasonable nuisance to any other person in the neighbourhood because of drifting smoke, ash or unpleasant odour.

There is no charge for these permits, and applications can be picked up at Fire Station No. 1 (33330 – 7th Avenue) or obtained from this website:

Application Special Occasion or Ceremonial Burn Permit

Completed Special Occasion Permit forms can be delivered by mail, fax 604-820-8624 or in person to Fire Station No. 1 located at 33330 – 7th Avenue, Mission, BC  V2V 2E3.  Forms must be approved and signed by the Mission Fire Rescue Service prior to commencing burning.


Yard Debris and Land Clearing

Yard Debirs

Burning of yard debris is strictly regulated by the Mission Burning Bylaw.  The bylaw does NOT permit burning of yard debris in garbage pick up / curbside composting areas at any time.  In areas without garbage pickup, burning of yard debris is allowed in April and November ONLY and a permit is not required.

Land Clearing

Burning for the purpose of land clearing is no longer permitted within the District of Mission.

If you are located in the Fraser Valley Regional District (east of Hatzic Lake) burning regulations fall under the BC Ministry of Environment and/or Ministry of Forests.  Please contact these agencies to inquire about burning in this area.

BC Ministry of Environment Burning Inquiries604-582-5286

Ministry of Forests Burning Inquiries:  1-888-336-7378 (recording on campfire, open fire and travel bans or restrictions)

Wildfire Management Branch Burning Regulations:  1-888-797-1717

All conditions apply only if such burning does not interfere with or obstruct a person’s reasonable and comfortable use and enjoyment of their property through the emission of offensive, annoying, unpleasant, obnoxious smoke or ash.
If all conditions are not met your authorization to burn may be denied.