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Fire Rescue Bylaws


In addition to the Act and Fire Regulations, Council has approved five bylaws to assist the Fire Rescue Service in its fire prevention activities.  A short explanation of each bylaw is provided below.  Please review the full copies of the bylaws on this website or request a copy from the District of Mission.

 Bylaw 1706- 1987 Fireworks Bylaw

  • Outlines that the throwing, propelling, ejecting, lighting, firing, exploding, setting off, discharging or possession of firecrackers or other fireworks of every nature or kind is prohibited in the District of Mission
  • An organization can request a special permit in accordance with the Fireworks Bylaw.  A Fireworks Supervisor must be present and  hold a valid ticket issued by the Explosive Branch of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada

Bylaw 2457-1992 Fire Rescue Service Bylaw

This bylaw identifies the type of response and services the Fire Department shall provide:

  • Fire suppression
  • Fire prevention
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Rescue
  • Pre-fire planning
  • Disaster planning (P.E.P.)
  • Medical assistance
  • Response to other emergencies

Bylaw 2829-1995 False Alarm Bylaw

  • Provides guidelines to charge owners for false alarm calls attended by the RCMP and Mission Fire Rescue Service

Bylaw 2975-1996 Burning Bylaw

  • Regulates yard cleanup fires
  • Regulates land clearing (not permitted withiin the District of Mission)
  • Permits recreational fire pits
  • Permits special occasion / ceremonial fires

Bylaw 3281-1999 Fire Prevention Bylaw

  • Fire protection and life safety equipment in occupancies other than private dwellings
  • Installation and maintenance of private fire hydrants
  • Control the security of vacant buildings for fire safety (includes private dwellings)
  • Control the accumulation of fire hazards in and around real property (includes around private dwellings but not in private dwellings)
  • Controls through a site inspection and permit system, the installation of fuel storage tanks at fuel dispensing stations
  • Control through the submission of fire safety plans, hot application roofing operations