Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions received by Mission Fire Rescue Service:

Question:  How often should I change my smoke alarm battery?

Answer:  You should change your smoke alarm battery twice per year.  A good reminder is to change your battery when you change your clock for the time change.

Question:  When does my smoke alarm need replacing?

Answer:  Smoke alarms do wear out and should be replaced every ten years.

Question:  What do I do if my smoke alarm beeps and there is no sign of smoke?

Answer:  First replace the battery as most smoke alarms will give you a warning beep when the battery is failing.  Secondly, smoke alarms should be cleaned at least every six months by gently vacuuming the exterior.

Question: How frequently should I test my smoke alarm?

Answer:  Smoke alarms should be tested once per month.

Question: Can I recycle my old smoke alarm?

Answer:  Mission Recycling Depot located at 7229 Mershon Street accepts used or expired smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, and combination smoke and CO alarms.    For further information on the AlarmRecycle program call 1-888-772-9772.

Question: Does the Fire Department inspect infant car seats?

Answer:   Yes! Mission Fire Rescue Service staff inspects child car seats.  We have Child Seat Clinics every 1st Thursday and 3rd Saturday of the month.  Please contact 604 820-3793 to book an appointment or for further information.

Question:  How can I determine the hydrant location in my area for insurance purposes?

Answer:  Mission Fire/Rescue Service staff will advise  the following information:

  • If your property is within eight kilometers of a fire hall
  • If your property is fire hydrant protected

Preference is that you fax your request in writing to the Mission Fire Rescue Service 604-820-8624 or email

Question: How old do I have to be to apply to be a firefighter?

Answer:  All applicants must be 19 years of age or older, and must live within the boundaries of the District of Mission.

Question: Does the Fire Department provide CPR courses for the public?

Answer:  Mission Fire Rescue Service does not provide CPR courses for the public at this time.

Question:  Does the Fire Department provide water to fill backyard pools?

Answer:  Mission Fire Rescue Service does not provide water service for filling pools.

Question: Does the Fire Department rescue cats from trees?

Answer:  Mission Fire Rescue Service does not rescue cats from trees.  We do, however, suggest you contact your local veterinarian for advice on this matter.

Question: Can I burn construction/demolition waste?

Answer:  Burning of construction/demolition waste is prohibited by the District of Mission Open Burning Bylaw and the Ministry of Environment.

Question: Can I burn garbage and household waste?

Answer:  Burning of garbage and household waste is prohibited by the District of Mission Open Burning Bylaw and the Ministry of Environment.

Question: Does the District of Mission have a recycling program for branches, twigs and vegetation waste?

Answer: The District of Mission has a green recycling program that provides curbside pick up of yard waste (vegetation) and small twigs and branches.  Loose vegetation must be placed in clear “compostable” garbage bags or a garbage can clearly maked with an orange sticker provided by the Municipality free of charge.  Branches must be bundled no larger than 2″ in diameter and 4′ in length.  Items will be picked up on your regular garbage pick up.  For further information contact the District of Mission at 604-820-3736.

Question:  Does the Fire Department inspect wood stoves?

Answer:  Mission Fire Rescue Service does not inspect wood stoves at anytime.  The District of Mission Inspection Services Department inspects only installation of new woodstoves.  Existing woodstoves must be inspected by a private company.

Question:  Does the Fire Department handle complaints of excessive smoke from wood stoves?

Answer:  Mission Fire Rescue Service does not have the authority to act on complaints of excessive smoke generated from wood stoves.  You may want to contact the Ministry of Environment in your area regarding this matter.

Question: How frequently does the District of Mission inspect public buildings for fire safety?

Answer:  Mission Fire Rescue Service inspects public buildings, which includes multi-unit residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The District guideline for inspection frequency is outlined in a council policy: e.g. rest homes are inspected every 6 months, theaters every 12 months, and retail stores every 24 months, and vacant buildings are not inspected until occupied.

The department’s inspection program is led by the Fire Prevention Officer, who normally meets the fire inspection schedule outlined annually, however, in 2014 the inspector has experienced numerous high profile projects that have taken precedence, and these projects have also put our inspection program in arrears. Being behind on inspections is not uncommon in the fire services field as most communities are behind in fire inspections.  Mission has been fortunate to be on schedule for many years prior to 2014 and plans to be back on track for 2015. On average 700 inspections are completed annually, this would mean four inspections per working day to meet the frequency outlined by Council.  The highest life safety occupancies have been put on the priority list for the inspector to complete for 2014.

Our Career Firefighters lead the pre-incident planning of high hazard occupancies such as hospitals, hotels, and apartments, which gives the Firefighters intimate knowledge of the buildings, and can provide the Fire Inspector with any safety concerns they may come across while pre-incident planning.