The Mission Municipal Forest – 60 years and still growing

Did you know Mission was awarded the first community managed forest licence in all of Canada?

There is a unique history to how the District of Mission came to manage the local forests within our municipal boundaries.

Join us in recognizing 60 years of sustainably-managed community forestry & discover the history, current practices, and lots of great ways to get outside and enjoy our forests.

Forestry Fridays, News & Events

Seeking Review & Comments for Tree Farm Management Plan

We are seeking your review and comments on the draft Information Package relating to the preparation of Management Plan 10 for Tree Farm Licence 26 (TFL26). Management Plan 10 in being prepared in order to meet the requirements of the Tree Farm Licence...

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Forestry Friday – Mission Community Forest Benefits

When the District was awarded Tree Farm Licence 26 in 1958, the main objectives were to provide employment and a steady supply of logs for the local mills. Early forestry managers, politicians, and the Tree Farm supporters deserve significant credit for their...

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Forestry Friday – Recreation Opportunities in Stave West

A short drive from Mission, the Stave River watershed and the area now referred to as the Stave West Forest & Recreation Area (SW) has a rich history and legacy. This breathtaking expanse of mountainous forested land borders the large Stave Reservoir and includes five...

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Forestry Friday – Preventing Fires

Forestry Friday By Kelly Kitsch, Registered Forest Technologist   Summer brings warmer temperatures, lower rainfalls as well as many opportunities to explore the outdoors.  Mission is fortunate to have many great recreation trails weaving through our forests which are...

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Forestry Friday – Tree-via

How much do you know about the forest industry in British Columbia and just how vital it is for our provincial economy? This infographic shows a good representation of the land base of BC, how much is forested, how much of the forested landbase is actually available...

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Forestry Friday – FireSmart

Assessing your home and property By Kelly Kitsch, Registered Forest Technologist Mission is fortunate to be a community surrounded by beautiful forests, which has made some of our neighbourhoods such desirable places to live.  However, as we have seen in recent years,...

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Get Outside & Enjoy the Forest

Forest Trails & Recreation Areas

There are many great forest trails and recreation areas managed through the Forestry department & Trailforks offers great maps of the local mountain bike trails.