The Mission Municipal Forest – 60 years and still growing

Did you know Mission was awarded the first community managed forest licence in all of Canada?

There is a unique history to how the District of Mission came to manage the local forests within our municipal boundaries.

Join us in recognizing 60 years of sustainably-managed community forestry & discover the history, current practices, and lots of great ways to get outside and enjoy our forests.

Forestry Fridays, News & Events

Tree Farm License 26 Draft Management Plan 10 – Review

We are hosting an open house! The District of Mission is seeking review and comment on the draft Management Plan 10 for Tree Farm Licence 26 (TFL26). You can also access the document through our Forestry Reports page. Management Plan 10 (MP10) in being prepared in...

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Forestry Friday – A Glimpse to the Past

As we have seen over the past Forest Friday articles, considerable planning goes into managing our forests and all the values that exist. But what about those forest pioneers – how did they harvest the trees – without that modern equipment that we know so well today?...

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Forestry Friday – Maintaining and Creating Wildlife Trees

(left) Living Wildlife Tree - Stave Dam Forest Interpretation Trail (right) Douglas-fir on the Roy Kittles Trail With such a diversity of species that live in our coastal temperate rainforests, there are many types of habitats that each species uses throughout their...

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Forestry Friday – All Creatures Great and Small

Large mammals are the most easily seen creatures in our forests, and equally important are the small and obscure amphibians and fish that exist here. As forest managers of the Mission community forest, our responsibilities go beyond just seeing the forest for the...

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Forestry Friday – Who Lives in our Forests?

  In our last article, we featured the main tree species that make up most of our local forests.  But what large mammals call Mission home and how can you keep safe when using the forest?   Starting with the largest, the black bear is easily one of the most...

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Seeking Review & Comments for Tree Farm Management Plan

We are seeking your review and comments on the draft Information Package relating to the preparation of Management Plan 10 for Tree Farm Licence 26 (TFL26). Management Plan 10 in being prepared in order to meet the requirements of the Tree Farm Licence...

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Get Outside & Enjoy the Forest

Forest Trails & Recreation Areas

There are many great forest trails and recreation areas managed through the Forestry department & Trailforks offers great maps of the local mountain bike trails.