Check for the latest information and service updates as we respond to COVID-19.


We’re all looking for a bit of “normalcy” in COVID times and Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture has been working to offer a variety of activities that keep you active, connected and most importantly safe.


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Recreation during COVID

Mission Parks, Recreation and Culture staff have been actively working to bring safe & fun recreation to Mission. Recreation during COVID looks a bit different – here’s what to expect:

  • All programs are pre-registered.
  • Participants are checked in by a facility host.
  • Specific entrances and exits are used for different activities to promote physical distancing and reduce congestion.
  • Masks are required when coming and going between activities and must be worn at all times while in the weight room including while exercising.
  • Handwashing and sanitizing takes place before each activity.

Programs aim to minimize potential exposure to participants through:

  • Behind the scenes staff are cleaning and sanitizing equipment and facilities between sessions.
  • Program numbers are limited to ensure physical distancing.
  • Lessons and programs are set-up to ensure physical distancing.
  • Equipment will not be shared between participants.

As reopening progresses, more programs will become available for registration. Please ensure to follow Parks, Recreation and Culture on Facebook and Twitter or get the latest from the updates section on this page.

Returning to Fitness

Returning to the Pool

Returning to the Weightroom

Community Activities


Fitness Bingo – Challenge!

We are excited to announce our April Fitness Bingo Challenge! This fun activity will help individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle while also providing an opportunity to win prizes. The challenge will run during the month of April and is free and open to the community. Complete activities on the various squares and check them off to get a Bingo – one line in any direction (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). Each time you get a bingo your name gets entered into a draw. Get a Black Out (full card) and your name will be entered into a separate prize draw.

How to Play

How to Play:

  1. Print out the individual or family bingo card listed below:
  2. complete a maximum of one activity per day (from April 1-30).
  3. complete a bingo (a full row, column, diagonal)
  4. Submit by email to -ensure your name and phone number are listed on the card. -take a picture of your card with the completed squares either marked with pen, or a bingo dabber. -write in the email subject line either Family Fitness Bingo or Individual Fitness Bingo depending on what card you are completing. -attach a picture of your Bingo card
  5. winners will be randomly drawn on May 4

Individual Bingo Card

Family Bingo Card

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Club K.I.D.S (Kids Ideas Developing Skills) is a fun and educational recreation program for children aged 5-11 years (K to Grade 6), conveniently located in their own school.  CK offers supervised leisure activities to children in a group setting with their elementary school peers.  CK is a licensed facility (through Fraser Health) and due to the time and location of the program, it is often used by many parents as an alternative to daycare, babysitters, or being home alone.  Find out more about the Club KIDS program, registration process, safety measures and more.

CK Spring After School Registration Dates
January 29 – Deadline to receive completed registration forms (new registrants only)
February 1 – Deadline to activate and test your on-line account
February 8-11 – Reservation & registration Days for CK Spring After School

Day Date Time School
Mon Feb 8 9am CK Hatzic & CKWindebank
    1pm CK West Heights
Tue Feb 9 9am CK Central
    1pm CK McMahon
Wed Feb 10 9am CK Morrison
    1pm CK Cherry Hill
Thu Feb 11 9am CK ESR
    1pm CK Hillside


Leisure Access

The Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture Department works with community partners to offer a variety of options for those on limited income.  In addition to our Healthy Lifestyles program, Jumpstart, Kidsport and social development initiatives, we also offer our PLAY Pass program which provides qualified individuals free admission to the Leisure Centre.  To qualify, applicants must have been a District of Mission resident for at least 3 months, be at or below the low income thresholds as outlined by Statistics Canada or on Income Assistance through the Ministry of Housing and Social Development or the Federal social Development program.  All applications are subject to a $5 administration fee for individual applications and $10 for family applications.

For more information, see our info sheet here.
To apply, fill out our on-line application form here.

Leisure Guide

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