Fitness Class Descriptions


Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are so much fun! Workout in a group setting, challenge yourself and get inspired as you learn new exercises while taking your fitness to the next level.

Learn more about what we have to offer and check out our Drop-in Fitness schedule to find out days and times.

Land Class Descriptions

Strength & Conditioning Classes

  • Ab Workout – Target your core with a full body strength & stretch segment.
  • Cross-Train – Increased strength, improved body condition & increased metabolism.
  • NEW! Cross-Spin – Intervals of cycling and off the bike exercises will help you get the most ‘bang for your buck’.
  • NEW! Kickbox Bootcamp – Kickbox your way into high energy intervals. You will kick, punch – and then get your bootcamp on!
  • No Sweat – Weight resistance workout to help tone & promote fat loss.
  • NEW! Pound – It’s a jam session that fuses cardio, strength training, Pilates and HIIT techniques, ramped up with the super hip elements of drumming. Grab your STIX.
  • PUMP – An intense strength training class that will improve muscle tone & endurance.
  • Silver Circuit – A circuit training workout specifically for seniors to increase strength and develop balance..
  • Strength & Stretch – Stretch & sculpt exercises that increase strength & flexibility.
  • SYNRGY Circuit Fit – A full body 30 min workout using our SYNRGY equipment
  • TRX – Experience core development and overall strength using your own body weight.
  • TRX/Spin – Half strength and core conditioning mixed with half spin class.
  • Spin/Strength – Half spin class with half strength class using a variety of equipment.

Cardio & Choreography Classes

  • NEW! HIIT – This class is a variety of short, plug-n-play high intensity interval sequences that is guaranteed to raise your heart rate, fitness level, and calorie burn!
  • Low Impact – Easy on joints yet vigorous enough to burn calories & fat.
  • Quick Fit – A quick workout with all the benefits of a longer class.
  • Spin – Burn calories, build endurance & stamina on Kaiser Spin Bikes.
  • NEW! – Step & Pump – An interval class that mixes step aerobics and strength training in one incredible  workout.
  • NEW! Triple THREAT – Three dynamite formats packed into one intense class! A combination of strength, cardio and core.
  • Zumba¨ Circuit – Dance interval training for toning and sculpting.
    Zumba¨ – A fun, high energy dance fitness class with cardio & coordination benefits.

Wellness Classes

  • Pilates – Improve flexibility & core strength along with body awareness.
  • Yoga – Improve flexibility, muscle tone and relieve stress. Options for every fitness level.


Water Class Descriptions

Did you know that water has 12x the resistance of air? Use this to your advantage as you build muscle with our “no/minimal impact” cardio strength workout. Excellent for every fitness level.

  • Aquafit – Build muscle strength without inhibiting range of motion. 0002_Mission2010
  • Aqua Intense – Low impact cross training class to compliment your workout program.
  • Deep Water – A cardio & core workout in the deep end with a noodle or belt.
  • Deep Water Social – All the benefits of a deep water class with social interaction.
  • HIIT Water Fit – Circuit training with one minute stations using dumbbells, kickboards and noodles.
  • Water Wellness – Low impact water workout for people with limited range of motion.

When taking one of these classes please let the instructor know if you are new to group exercise, pre/post natal, suffering from any health conditions or recovering from injury.  The goal is to ensure a safe and effective workout for all participants.

All classes listed below are included with regular admission.  See our current Fitness Schedule for days & times.