Personal Training


Did You Know?

Studies have shown that 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want. 90% of the people who are happy with their results are working with a personal trainer. Anyone can benefit from a little extra personal attention, especially when it really does deliver results!

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Personal Trainer

  • Results – A certified Personal Trainer will help you reach attainable, realistic and healthy goals.
  • Motivation – You’ll work harder with your Personal Trainer then you would by yourself.  You will set and reach your goals quickly AND have fun doing it!
  • Efficiency – You’ll SAVE TIME. You will learn exercises and techniques that are proven to be effective.
  • Safety – Without the guidance of a Personal Trainer you run a much higher risk of getting injured. Serious injuries can delay or even reverse your progress towards your fitness goals.
  • FUN – Our Personal Trainers LOVE what they do and it shows!  They will engage and inspire you making your workouts something you look forward to!

Which Personal Trainer is best for you?

The Mission Leisure Centre has a number of fitness professionals which can assist you with your health and fitness goals.  All of our personal trainers are highly qualified and trained.  So who is best?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing a Personal Trainer:

  • Is your trainer’s schedule complimentary to your own?  Will you be exercising in the morning or evening or during weekends?
  • Would you prefer to work with a male or female personal trainer?
  • Are there any trainers who specialize in areas you may be seeking assistance with?  Yoga, meditation, pilates, injury recovery, pre/post natal, sport specific training, athletic training, weight loss or bodybuilding?

Meet our Personal Training Team

Andrea Exner Andrea teaches several Hatha Yoga and guided meditation classes and she specializes in mind-body exercises, seniors, weight loss, general fitness, rehabilitation for the back and people with special needs like osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and other limitations.

  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor
  • Certified in Holistic Aroma Therapy
  • Certified in Energy Based Healing Therapy

Brent Wall Brent has a variety of clientele from rehab to athletes.

  • Co-operative Diploma in Fitness & Exercise Management
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified in Exercise For Special Populations

Kelora Clingwall Kelora believes that fitness and health are a way of life. “When we incorporate fitness into our daily lives there are many benefits to gain. I am here to help you achieve the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle with a personalized fitness program to help you achieve your fitness goals.”

  • CFES Certified Weight Trainer Level 1 & 2
  • CFES Personal Trainer
  • CFES Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Nutritional  Coaching

Dominique Dussault Dominique believes that fitness is for everyone – whether you’re 9 or 99.  “To me exercise is a powerful tool that can be used to strengthen your body and mind, enhance your performance and prevent (or even reverse) illness.”  Dominique’s mission is to help you take the small steps towards a healthy lifestyle so you can achieve your goals.

  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Weight Training Instructor
  • BCRPA Certified Aquatic Instructor
  • Pre and post-natal
  • Background in outdoor fitness and yoga
  • 1 on 1 training in the pool

Louisa Fusco Louisa believes that fitness is a lifetime journey.  “The moment we start connecting with our bodies, we connect with life itself.  You never know what you can accomplish unless you try.  Push yourself to a new, fuller life and amaze yourself with the results!”

  • Community Recreational Leadership Training
  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Prescription for Special Populations
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
  • Third Age Fitness
  • Supervisor of Fitness Leaders
  • CFES Group Fitness Leader

Marina Boons Marina’s passion in life is to help people achieve a better quality of life and to educate people about physical fitness and the many benefits it brings.  Marina offers Pilates Personal Training – one on one and in groups.

  • BCRPA Certified Weight Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader
  • Certified in Pilates
  • Certified in Muscle Imbalance Testing
  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA Certified Aquatic Instructor


The fee + tax for Personal Training is listed below:

  • One 1 hour session: $57
  • Three 1 hour sessions: $156 ($52/session)
  • Five 1 hour sessions: $245 ($49/session)

Small Group Training – 2-4 people

  • One 1 hour session: $42/person
  • Three 1 hour sessions: $120/person ($40/person/session)
  • Five 1 hour sessions: $175 per person ($35/person/session)

Moving Forward 30 minute follow-up sessions

  • One 30 minute session: $32

For more information or to book a session, please call, visit or e-mail.