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Fitness Bingo – Challenge!

We are excited to announce our April Fitness Bingo Challenge! This fun activity will help individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle while also providing an opportunity to win prizes. The challenge will run during the month of April and is free and open to the community. Complete activities on the various squares and check them off to get a Bingo – one line in any direction (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). Each time you get a bingo your name gets entered into a draw. Get a Black Out (full card) and your name will be entered into a separate prize draw.

How to Play

How to Play:

  1. Print out the individual or family bingo card listed below:
  2. complete a maximum of one activity per day (from April 1-30).
  3. complete a bingo (a full row, column, diagonal)
  4. Submit by email to -ensure your name and phone number are listed on the card. -take a picture of your card with the completed squares either marked with pen, or a bingo dabber. -write in the email subject line either Family Fitness Bingo or Individual Fitness Bingo depending on what card you are completing. -attach a picture of your Bingo card
  5. winners will be randomly drawn on May 4

Individual Bingo Card

Family Bingo Card