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Purpose of the Plan

Parks, Recreation, Arts, and Culture sSrvices have the opportunity to contribute positively to a higher quality of life in the District. Quality of life can be improved with the right mix of infrastructure, programs, and services for both the local community and tourists. The Parks, Recreation, Arts and Culture Master Plan plays a pivotal role in setting the course for service delivery recreation, arts, and culture fields in the District of Mission over the next 10 to 15 years. This Master Plan provides the direction for managing and developing parks, recreational, arts and cultural facilities and programs within Mission by providing information on general benefits and trends; identifying local considerations in service provision; identifying needs through community input and assessments; providing recommendations for improvements; and studying the financial viability of the identified priorities.

As a part of this overall Master Plan, there are two secondary master plans for Fraser River Heritage Park (FRHP) and Centennial Park that have been embedded throughout the relevant sections of the Master Plan. These secondary master plans highlight the two parks’ unique issues and opportunities, respective roles in the overall parks, recreation, arts, and culture delivery system, and master plan concepts.