Mission Seniors

Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture has something for everyone! The Mission Leisure Centre strives to be a senior friendly place and through programs, facilities and support our department caters specifically to the unique needs and interests of this demographic.


Mission Seniors Centre at the Mission Community Activities Centre

Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture supports the initiatives of the Mission Seniors Centre Association. The Mission Community Activity Centre serves as a hub for seniors in our community and the association offers a variety of programs from bingo, line dancing to health & wellness workshops. Check out the Mission Seniors Activity Centre for specific details on what they have to offer.


Seniors Friendly Drop-in Fitness

Our Drop-in Fitness programs serve a wide audience of the community including seniors. We have instructors specialized to address  senior specific health and wellness considerations. And improved health aside, these classes have been a proven to be a great place to make lifelong friends.

Some popular senior friendly Drop-in Fitness classes held at the Mission Leisure Centre include:

Mission Seniors Low Impact Annual Christmas Party Photo

Low Impact Annual Christmas Party

  • Stretch & Strength
  • Step & Sculpt
  • Low impact
  • No Sweat
  • Aquafit
  • Deep Water
  • Water Wellness
  • Yoga
  • Pilates


Registered Programs

Our Moving Forward program has proven to be a hit with the seniors. This series of registered fitness programs is ideal for those new to fitness, mature adults or those getting back into the fitness routine. Our instructors encourage participants to work at their own pace and help modify exercises and present challenges tailored to both the group and the individual. Contact reception or look for Moving Forward course offerings through our e-reg system for more info on dates and time.

Health and wellness is not just about fitness, it’s also about leisure and learning. Check out our program offerings through e-reg such as cooking or dance and learn something new.