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Mayor & Council

Mayor & Council

The business of the District of Mission is conducted officially by the Municipal Council, which is comprised of 6 Councillors and the Mayor.

All Council business is conducted at either Regular Council meetings or Special Council meetings, and all decisions are expressed either by a Council Resolution or a Bylaw.  Many of the matters which Council must consider are forwarded through the recommendations of the various Standing Committees.  Municipal staff carry out the instruction of Council based on decisions made at Council meetings.

Council meetings, including Delegations and Public Hearings, are held on the first and third Monday of every month, commencing at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Hall.

The Mayor is the chairperson of any Council meeting. Council encourages public attendance and participation at its regular meetings, either through the delegation process or during question period.

A monthly schedule of public meetings is available online and is also posted in the lobby of the Municipal Hall.

Council also holds Special meetings, which include “closed” meetings.  Most special meetings are open to the public and are held when a matter of some urgency requiring a decision cannot wait for the next Regular Council meeting or when a specific topic requires  greater discussion time than can be afforded at a Regular Council meeting.

“Closed” meetings deal with matters which are related to personnel, property transactions, or legal issues; these meetings are not open to the public.  Only confidential topics, as per the Community Charter, are discussed in these closed meetings, and they are treated in this manner to protect individual privacy or to safeguard the interests of the Municipality from the premature release of information which could compromise the financial or legal position of the Municipality.

Contact Mayor & Council

Mayor Office Cell Fax Email

Pam Alexis 

c/o District of Mission
8645 Stave Lake Street
Box 20, Mission, BC
V2V 4L9

604-820-3702 604-556-6666 604-826-1363


Councillor Cell Email Acting Mayor
Cal Crawford c/o  District of Mission  604-226-9609 June/December
Mark Davies c/o District of Mission 778-819-6595 May/November
Jag Gill c/o District of Mission 604-832-9488 January/July
Carol Hamilton c/o District of Mission 604-864-5877 April/October
Ken Herar c/o District of Mission 604-615-2499 March/September
Danny Plecas c/o District of Mission 778-347-3440 February/August

 In the absence of the designated Acting Mayor for a particular time period, the Acting Mayor for the previous time period shall be the first alternate and the Acting Mayor for the subsequent time period shall be the second alternate.