Check for the latest information and service updates as we respond to COVID-19.

Public Hearing Notices

The Public Hearing Information Packages have been compiled to provide additional information pertaining to the subject development proposal. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the District of Mission’s Planning Department at 604-820-3748.

COVID-19 Update

During the COVID-19 crisis, in general, Public Hearing and Information Sessions will be waived as a safety measure to lessen the potential spread of the virus. Depending on the complexity of the application, there may be a need to invite the public into Council Chambers for an in-person hearing or information session. This is determined on a case by case basis, and date and time will be included in the Notice of Public Hearing.

Staying Informed

We continue to communicate about rezoning applications through:

  • Ads in the Mission City Record
  • Mail-outs to residents and businesses within a certain radius of the site
  • Site sign

Written submissions from the public are accepted regardless of whether an in-person hearing is held.

You may forward your submission by:

  • Mailing or delivering to the Corporate Officer’s Office, P.O. Box 20, 8645 Stave Lake Street, Mission, BC, V2V 4L9
  • Faxing: 604-826-1363 (Attn: Corporate Officer)
  • E-mail: with PUBLIC HEARING COMMENTS as the subject line

Attending a Public Hearing or Information Session in-person:

When we do hold an in-person Public Hearing or Information Session in Council Chambers during the COVID-19 crisis, the following safety measures will be in place:

  • We have a maximum capacity of 20 people within Council Chambers at any time (this is including Council and staff)
  • There will be no space for people to watch the proceedings inside Chambers other than Council, staff and the media
  • Sign-up sheets will be used for those wishing to speak, 5 minutes at a time, no limit on number of times to speak but must be new information
  • People will be asked to wait outside the building in a physically distanced queue for their turn to speak
  • Approximately 5 people at a time will be invited in the building to line up and wait their turn to speak to Council, all the while social distancing
  • We encourage people to bring tablets, smart phones, etc. to watch and/or listen to the proceedings while waiting outside to speak. We have free wi-fi available through “Shaw Open”; sign is as “guest” and accept the terms and conditions to connect.
  • While presentation materials can be left with staff and Council, no materials will be accepted to put on the screens. Please bring at least 1 extra copy for staff to make copies for Council after the meeting or preferably bring 10 copies for key staff and Council for distribution at the meeting

We encourage written submissions, as attendance will be limited.

Public Hearings and Council’s Role

Public Hearings are required prior to amending a zoning bylaw or the official community plan bylaw. Public Hearings are typically held on the first and third Mondays of every month as part of the Regular Council Meetings, and are called to order at 7:00 p.m. Click here to view the District of Mission Zoning Bylaw.

The purpose of a Public Hearing is to give all interested persons an opportunity to voice their support or concerns to Mission Council. Items scheduled for Public Hearing are advertised in the Mission City Record, in the News section of the District website, and below on this web page. Development notice signs are placed on the property by the applicant. Notification is also delivered directly to the owners and occupants of surrounding properties.

Members of the public who may be affected by the changes proposed have an opportunity to appear before Council to voice support or opposition to these applications.

During a Public Hearing, Council’s role is to listen and understand what is being said and presented by the public. Mayor and Council do not debate with each other or with members of the public during the Public Hearing. Following a Public Hearing, Council are not permitted to receive more information from members of the public, including any developers or applicants directly related to the hearing.


Review the Public Hearing Brochure to learn about the public hearing process, what to expect before, after and during the Public Hearing, and review some helpful hints.

Public Hearings will be recorded and broadcast on our website. A copy of the video recording and the written minutes of the meeting will be posted to our website. If you choose to speak, your name and residential address will form part of the public record, and may be subject to release. Broadcasts of past Public Hearings can also be accessed through the District’s Webcast archive of Public Hearings.

Watch a Public Hearing 

Your Input Is Important

The comments from the public who feel affected either positively or negatively by proposed amendments to the Official Community Plan or the Zoning Bylaw are vital in the decision-making process of Council.

The District of Mission encourages comments from the public. Please make your opinion known.

Making Your Submission
Persons wishing to make written submissions in advance of the Public Hearing may do so by:

  • Sending an email to with PUBLIC HEARING COMMENTS as the subject line
  • Mailing your submission to the Corporate Officer’s office
    PO Box 20, Mission, BC V2V 4L9
  • Fax your submission to 604-826-1363 with Attention: Corporate Officer
  • Deliver your submission in-person to:
    District of Mission Municipal Hall
    8645 Stave Lake Road
    Mission, BC V2V 4L9

Please note: Submissions that are subject of a public hearing, public meeting or other public processes will be included, in their entirety, in the public information package and will form part of the public record. Council shall not receive further information or submissions after the conclusion of the Public Hearing.