Councillor Jim Hinds

Councillor Jim Hinds

Councillor Jim HindsElectoral History

Councillor Jim Hinds first ran for council in 2014 and was elected in November, 2014.


After graduating from Victoria High School in 1964 Jim Hinds began his Mechanical Apprenticeship in 1968 with BC Hydro through the BC Vocational School.

Jim Hinds began working at BC Hydro in 1964 at various locations throughout the province. In 1969 he began working at Ruskin, and in 1976 was bulletined to Stave Falls. He worked as an Industrial Mechanic, working on all manner of mechanical parts of electrical equipment, and was also the Oil Spill Trainer for Generation in the lower mainland – Fraser Valley Production. He also provided safety training with schools, fire, and police. He retired from BC Hydro in 2001.

In 2010 Jim Hinds graduated with a Provincial Instructors Diploma in 2010  from Vancouver Community College.

Jim married his wife Mary in 1986 and has 3 step children all living away from home, 4 granddaughters, and 2 great granddaughters.  He is a military history buff and a highly active community volunteer, including 7 years as president of Mission fair, 28 years with the Mission Christmas Craft Fair, 21 years with the Candlelight Parade, 10 years with both the Archives and the Mission Historical Society, and 4 years with the Mission Community Heritage Commission.

In 1992 Jim received the Special Accomplishment Award from the District for organizing and presenting the Mission Centennial Parade, the largest ever seen in Mission.

Personal Vision: As a council member I am going to work to improve our Police force by adding more patrol officers and looking into having a police presence in the downtown area. Also by working with our Fire Department to help our District prepare for the future. I also would like to work with helping the homeless. The last thing I ran on was working to improve our communities and to do that we need to have a better working relationship with our school trusties so that we can partner effectively with the School District.