The City of Mission has a goal to reduce contamination in curbside recycling by 25% by October 2023.

We have identified 5 top contaminants and we are asking for your help to keep them out of our residential recycling.

The top 5 contaminants are:

  • Garbage, such as medical gloves, disposable masks, household metal items and Food waste
  • Non-packaging plastic products, such as laundry hampers
  • Non-packaging multi-material products, such as toys or binders which are made from more than one material.
  • Hard and soft cover books
  • Household textiles, like clothing or linens

If you are unsure of where an item should go while sorting your material for collection, upload the Recycle Coach App and use either the “what goes where” search or the image search feature to easily confirm if it’s recyclable.

Let’s work together to keep contaminants out of our recycling. Together, we can meet our goal to reduce contamination in recycling by 25% by October 2023!

Also, did you know? Recycle BC has added newly accepted items to the curbside and depot recycling programs!


Click below to view the list of items and how and where they are accepted:

Newly Accepted Recycling Materials 2023

Visit Recycle BC for more information!