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The following properties will be subject to a Public Hearing on Monday, February 3, 2020 held in the Council Chambers at the District of Mission at 6:00 pm.




Item No. 1 & 2:  

Bylaw:  Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw 5829-2019-5670(10)

Bylaw:  Zoning Amending Bylaw 5830-2019-5050(337)

Address:   8924 Cedar Street

Information Package available here:  OCP19-001 – R17-043

Item No. 3 & 4:  

Bylaw:  Land Use Contract Repeal Bylaw 5905-2020

Bylaw:  Zoning Amending Bylaw 5906-2020-5050(368)

Addresses:   33214, 33220, 33242, 33252 and 33262 Cherry Avenue

Information Package available here:  LUC18-024

Item No. 5:  

Bylaw:  Zoning Amending Bylaw 5904-2019-5050(367)

Addresses:   8200, 8240 and 8270 Conley Terrace

Information Package available here:  R18-044