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NOTICE IS GIVEN under Section 467 of the Local Government Act that Council has waived the holding of public hearing respecting the following proposed bylaws and considers the proposed bylaws to be consistent with the “District of Mission Official Community Plan Bylaw 5670-2017” as per the conditions established by Section 464(2) of the Local Government Act.

View the “Notice of Waived Public Hearing”  here

31895 Hillcrest Avenue

ZONING AMENDING BYLAW 6028-2021-5949(30) – (FILE: R20-032)

The purpose of the Bylaw is to rezone the subject property located at 31895 Hillcrest Avenue  (shown on the maps below) from the Urban Residential 558 (R558) Zone to the Multi-unit Duplex (MD465) Zone to allow for development of a duplex on the subject property.

MORE INFORMATION: A copy of the proposed bylaw and other relevant documents, may be viewed by clicking here: R20-032 – Information Package

Further Information:

A copy of the proposed bylaw and Council resolution waiving the public hearing, and other relevant documents, may be inspected online at by searching “Public Hearing Information”, between the dates of April 7, 2021 until Monday, May 3, 2021.

Should you wish to make known any comments that you may have about the proposed bylaw send your written submission, including your name and address, by 4:00 pm on Friday, April 30, 2021, to the attention Planning Division, by either email to, fax to 604-826-1363, or mail to 7337 Welton Street, Mission, BC V2V 3X1.

Jennifer Russell, Corporate Officer

Dated at Mission, BC this 7th day of April, 2021.