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Updated December 12, 2019

Catch Basin Cleaning

Utility crews are now working on high traffic locations, wrapping up their catch basin cleaning for the year.

Winter Patrol

Nightly winter patrols have started, which include spraying brine on the roads when the temperatures drop below 2 degrees Celsius.

Leak Detection

Utility crews are currently conducting leak detection on our water distribution systems, specifically our water mains.

Hand Brushing

Our crews are out hand brushing in various areas, trimming tree branches, vegetation around stop signs and in walkways.

Street Sweeper

The street sweeper will continue to work through the route as long as temperatures remain above 0­ degrees.

Reminder Tips for Winterizing

-Help keep water draining properly by keeping swales and catch basins clear of leaves and debris.

-Cover and insulate your outdoor hose bib to help reduce the risk of a burst water pipe during the freezing months.