Updated November 28, 2019

Winter Road Patrol

Roads crews continually monitor the overnight temperatures and when temperatures dip below 2 degrees Celsius, brine, a salt solution, will be applied to the road to reduce ice.

Paving- Ruskin Crescent, Reedal Street and Wilson Street

All water main and storm main work has been completed. Road paving, line painting and restorations are currently underway and will continue until completed, weather permitting.

Hayward Street

A contractor is onsite line painting at Hayward Street and all work should be completed this week.

Detention Pond Brushing

District crews are working alongside a contractor to brush back several detention ponds in various locations. This work will be completed in the first week of December.

Dead End Flushing

Utility crews are flushing “non-looped” or “dead end” water mains and will continue as long as the weather stays above freezing. During flushing, you may experience a temporary discoloration of your water, if this occurs, please call 604-820-3761 for more information.

CCTV Inspections

Dougness Holdings will be accessing in ground infrastructure for CCTV video inspections as part of the annual maintenance program through to the end of 2019.

Storm and Sanitary Flushing Program – Various Locations

Dougness Holdings has started our storm and sanitary system flushing program. They will be parking their vacuum truck on various streets and some easements to flush the system from manhole to manhole. It is common for residents to hear the truck working on the street as well as hear “burping”  sounds from their toilets from time to time. If water splashes from your toilets or you have any questions or concerns during this time, please call Public Works at 604-820-3761.


Roads crews will be ditching in various locations.

Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter and Driveway Panel Concrete Repairs

Roads crews will be doing concrete sidewalk repairs at various locations.

Street Sweeping and Swale Cleaning

The street sweeper is out maintaining the clear roadways while the roads crew is out cleaning debris from roadside swales.

Miscellaneous Cleanup and Graffiti Removal

District crews will be out doing miscellaneous garbage clean up, brushing and graffiti removal at various locations as required.

Hand Brushing & Mowing

Crews will be hand brushing in various areas as needed and the mower has been retired for the winter season.

Hydrant Repairs

Utility crews are out repairing hydrants identified as needing maintenance and repair.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Crews are out with our Vacuum truck cleaning debris from inside various catch basins on this year’s schedule.

Ongoing Utility and Roadwork

District road crews will be onsite at various locations throughout the community removing curbs and driveway let downs that were cut, removed or damaged during recent water, storm and sanitary upgrade work and preparing for the required repairs.

Letters are being hand-delivered to homes impacted by the work.

Crews will also be repairing any minor road damage such as sink holes, potholes or uneven surfaces in preparation for asphalt resurfacing.

Once these preparations are complete, a contractor will be onsite replacing curbs, concrete letdowns and paving the roads. District crews will then return to work-sites to complete lawn and boulevard restoration.

Updates on the progress and timelines of this work will be provided weekly, please check back on Wednesdays for the most recent information.

We recognize utility and roadwork is an inconvenience and thank you for your patience. These important upgrades are an investment in sustainable infrastructure for the future.