Swim Lessons

Swim for Life Program

The Lifesaving Society Swim for Life® program is a comprehensive swim lesson program that focuses on the development of fundamental swim strokes and skills for learners of all ages and abilities. Instructors ensure swimmers get lots of in-water practice in every lesson. Swim for Life includes fun, hands on activities that focus on teaching Water Smart education for the whole family. Lessons that will last a lifetime! Group, private and adult lessons are available.


Swim for Life Parent & Tot Programs

Recommended age: 4 months to 3 years old. The Lifesaving Society Parent & Tot lessons structure in-water interaction between parent and child to stress the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills. Activities and progressions are based on child development allowing parents to register in the level appropriate for their child’s age: 4-12 months, 12-24 months, or 2-3 years.

Red Cross Swim Preschool to Swim for Life Parent & Tot

From Red Cross Swim Preschool:To Swim for Life – Parent & Tot
StarfishJellyfish (4-12 months)
DuckGoldfish (12-24 months)
Sea TurtleSeahorse (2-3 years)

Swim for Life Preschool Programs

Recommended age: 3 to 5 years old. Give your child a head start on learning to swim! The Lifesaving Society Preschool lessons develop an appreciation and healthy respect for the water before they get in too deep. With a progression-based approach, instructors work to ensure 3-5 year old’s become comfortable in the water and have fun while developing a foundation of water skills. Water Smart education is included in all Preschool levels. Preschoolers enter Swimmer 1 once they turn five or six years old.

Red Cross Swim Preschool to Swim for Life Preschool

From Red Cross Swim Preschool:To Swim for Life – Preschool Learn to Swim
Seat OtterSwim Preschool 1 – Octopus  (if Sea Otter incomplete)
Swim Preschool 2 – Crab (if Sea Otter complete)
SalamanderSwim Preschool 2 – Crab (if Salamander complete or incomplete)
SunfishSwim Preschool 2 – Crab (if Sunfish incomplete)
Swim Preschool 3 – Orca (if Sunfish complete)
CrocodileSwim Preschool 4 – Sea Lion (if Crocodile incomplete)
Swim Preschool 5 – Narwhal (if Crocodile complete)
WhaleSwim Preschool 5 – Narwhal (if Whale incomplete)
Swimmer 1 (if 5 years old)

Swim for Life – Swimmer Program

The Lifesaving Society’s Swimmer program makes sure your children learn how to swim before they get in too deep. Each level challenges school-aged children to develop safe entries, deep water support, underwater skills, and swimming strokes. Kids learn healthy habits by getting and staying fit in the water. Swimmer levels include fun, hands-on activities that focus on teaching water safety – lessons that will last a lifetime! The Life Saving Society ‘Swim for Life’ program shares some similarities to the Red Cross Swim program.  

However, the specific must see skills in each level vary greatly and as a result the transition charts/perquisites may appear to be on the conservative side. For example, completing Red Cross Swim Kids 2 will not automictically qualify your child to register in Swim for Life – Swimmer 2.  This does not mean that your child will be any further behind, the titles for each level are merely a number. You can rest assured that the transition charts have been thoroughly researched and created based on real world feedback and results from pilot programs.  The end goal is the efficient and effective development of your child’s swimming ability and to be safe in and around the water.


Swimmer Conversion Chart

If your child has taken the following level:and theyThen enroll in the following:
Swim Kids 1Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 1 
Swim Kids 2Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 1 – B
Swim Kids 3Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 2
Swim Kids 4Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 3
Swim Kids 5IncompleteSwimmer 3
Swim Kids 5CompletedSwimmer 4
Swim Kids 6Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 4
Swim Kids 7Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 4
Swim Kids 7/8Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 5
Swim Kids 9Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 6
Swim Kids 10Completed or IncompleteSwimmer 6

Adult – Swim Program

Whether you’re just starting out or just want help with your strokes, the Adult Swim program is for you no matter your age! Work with certified instructors to learn to swim or improve your current swimming ability & fitness. You’ll develop confidence in the water and be able to set your own goals. Water Smart education is included in all Adult levels.

Make the most of your lesson experience!

Free Swim Assessments Not sure what level swim lesson to register your child in? Our friendly aquatic staff will provide you with a free swim assessment. Just ask a lifeguard next time you are in. Swim Assessments are available at all times with the exception of during Swim Lessons.

Suits & Hair Please wear a proper fitting swim suit & tie long hair back or wear a swim cap.

Lockers & Bags Please lock up your valuables, bags are not permitted on deck.

Changerooms Parents are asked to use the universal changeroom when assisting their child of the opposite gender who is 6 years or older.

Arriving for your lessons Once your child is changed, proceed to the designated meeting area on the pool deck. After your child has met their instructor, please move onto the designated viewing/spectator decks. Please have your child on deck 5 minutes prior to the start of their class.

Swimming before or after lessons Swimming before or after your lessons is not permitted at this time. Please promptly exit the pool areas into the changerooms when your lesson ends.

Refund Policy & Missed Classes Pro-rated refunds may be granted upon request prior to the third class. In the event that you miss your swim lesson for any reason there will be no refunds or makeup classes. If the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department cancels lessons, credits will be provided.

Long Weekends Swim Lessons do not run on long weekends or stat holidays.

Swim Lesson Level Prerequisites  Prerequisites are now required for swim lessons. This means you will be able to register for the next level up only once you have completed a lesson set and the outcome has been recorded in our registration system.

Step 1: If your child is participating in swim lessons with us we will have your outcome (complete or incomplete) entered in our registration system at the end of each  lesson set. If your child has taken lessons elsewhere, please provide their report card to a receptionist in person or via email leisureservices@mission.ca so we can enter your outcome and ensure you have permission to register your child in the appropriate level. If your child is new to swim lessons or you cannot remember their level from lessons taken at a different facility please complete a swim assessment. Swim Assessments are available anytime the pool is open with the exception of swim lesson times. Check in at reception, pay a single admission fee. Please note children under 7 years must attend with a swimming paid adult

Step 2: Register online at Mission.ca/register or with reception 604-820-5350 #0.  Ensure you have an active Perfect Mind Account for you and your child. Swim Lesson Registration Dates are listed on our website at mission.ca/aquatics. If your desired level is full, please ask to be added to the waitlist. We are able to add swim lessons as staffing levels and pool space permits and will contact those waitlisted. Be sure to check your email for notification of available spots.

Private Swim Lessons

Taught by an experienced, certified Life Saving Society instructor, private and semi-private lessons are available for all ages.  This is a good option for those with busy schedules, or for those wishing to focus on a particular skill.  

To register, fill out this form which gathers all the information needed to tailor a private lesson to you or your child's needs. You will be contacted within approximately three weeks by our Aquatic Leader to follow up with your request.

Please note:  Private swim lessons are popular and space is limited. 
Private Lesson:  $31 for 30 minutes 
Semi-Private Lesson: $20 per child for 30 minutes (max 2 people)