Field Conditions

Conditions Update

The conditions noted on this page were last updated on: June 18, 2024 at 1:29pm.


The Field Conditions page reports on the overall conditions of the city’s outdoor athletic sports fields. Information is gathered on the sports field assets as they relate to the safety and playability for the outdoor sports community. See below for status definitions.

Please note that School Fields follow the same procedure and are considered the same status as the City fields.

An Open sports field is available for current user groups as allocated by the Mission Parks, Recreation & Culture Department. Even though sports fields are designated open, pre-game field checks must be completed by the referee and coaches to verify the safety and playability of the turf surface at that time. Fields that have acquired unsafe conditions since the last inspection or are in a position to sustain significant surface damage should be closed at that time.

A Closed status indicates the field is unavailable for play until the next inspection date. Occasionally some closed sports fields can be reversed upon the verbal authorization of designated City of Mission staff if environmental and/or playability considerations warrant. Weather conditions/forecasts should be taken into consideration when fields are in less than a satisfactory condition for play.  Please consider the safety of the athletes when deciding to use a field.   Standing water and/or muddy, mushy conditions are good indicators that marginal fields should not be played on until surface conditions improve substantially.

Leisure Centre Ball DiamondOpenApproved Bookings only
Sports Park – Field #1Open 
Sports Park – Field #2Open 
Sports Park – Field #3Open 
Sports Park – Field #4Open 
Sports Park – Field #5open 
Sports Park – Field #6open 
Sports Park – Field #7open 
Sports Park – Field #8open 
Sports Park – ATF West Half #9Open 
Sports Park – ATF East Half #10Open 
Sports Park – ATF Warm-Up FieldOpen 

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Inspected sports fields are either recorded as Open or Closed. Please ensure coaches do not warm up goalies in the goal area.