We are building a plan to guide the next 10 to 15 years of Parks, Recreation, Arts & Culture in Mission.

We need your input to make sure the plan reflects the thoughts and needs of the community.

We have a great engagement plan for this summer and are looking forward to talking with you about the future of parks, recreation, and arts and culture in Mission.

To kick things off we have just launched an online discussion and invite you to take part.

Imagine you had superpowers. What’s the one issue you’d tackle mission’s Parks? How about Recreation? Arts & Culture? Take just a few minutes and follow the link below to help start the conversations that will shape the plan.

Let's Talk Parks, Recreation, Arts & Culture

We’re hosting an online chat. Hop over, share your thoughts, commment and chat with us as we start the online discussion about how we approach Parks, Recreation, Arts & Culture in Mission.

Let's Talk!