The City of Mission offers several options for diverting compost from the landfill.  These include curbside collection of both food and yard waste, free drop-off of grass clippings, moss, leaves, as well as paid drop-off of brush and branches at the Mission Landfill.

Please consult the City’s Curbside Collection Guide for collection limits and information on what can be included in the curbside waste collection.

Don’t see the item you are looking to dispose of in our Guide? Check out Recycle BC’s online “WHAT CAN I RECYCLE?” Recycling Materials List, or enter an item into the free Recycle Coach app to see how to recycle or safely dispose of it in Mission.

Curbside Compost Collection

Mission’s residential curbside collection system includes collection of both food and yard waste. Separating your food waste from regular garbage is the single most effective action you can take to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated by landfilling organic materials. Separating your food waste from garbage will also reduce the amount of garbage you create by half. Both food and yard waste can be set out together in the same container.

Compost may be set out in:

80-L bins with a tight-fitting lid and marked with an orange sticker
Rot Pots (no orange sticker required)
Paper or compostable plastic bags (up to 10 bags per collection day, each bag cannot exceed 20kg)

Orange stickers are available at City Hall, Welton Common, and at the Leisure Centre free of charge. In order to reduce animal interference with materials, food waste should always be contained in bins.

For additional information on reducing bear and wildlife attraction, please visit our online Bears & Wildlife page section.

Please note that no bin, bag or bundle may exceed 20 kg in weight, and that soil is not compostable and will not be collected curbside.

If using bags for compost, please ensure that bags are paper or in fact compostable, not made out of “biodegradable” plastic. Compostable bags will have one of two specific logos below – compost will not be collected in regular, clear plastic bags.

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