Waste Collection Calendar

Missed Pickups & Service Issues

Report missed pickups and other service issues directly to the collection contractor, GFL, at 604-820-6487 or at curbsidecontractor@mission.ca

Mission’s residential, single-family waste collection program involves the weekly collection of mixed recyclables and compostables, including  food waste, and bi-weekly collection of garbage  and container glass.

To determine your collection day, and to see how to safely dispose of something in the City of Mission, please consult the 2024 Curbside Collection Calendar or add the Recycle Coach app to your iOS or Android device to get reminders sent straight to your phone.

Waste Collection Program

Recycle Coach App

Have a question about whether an item belongs in the recycling, compost, or garbage? Or when your collection day is? Use the Recycle Coach App to find it out in moments.



Download the Recycle Coach App & Sign-Up for Free Recycling and Garbage Reminders!

Find everything you need to know about waste management in Mission. Set reminders in your app so you never miss your curbside collection day and get helpful info on sorting recyclables and compostables to help reduce your garbage.

You’ll also get calendar notifications for events like spring cleanup and the Rot Pot compost giveaway, and there’s a great what-goes-where feature to help you figure out where to drop off those hard-to-recycle items.

Add the app to your iOS or Android smartphone device today.