Payment Methods

Financial Institution

Online banking is set up by you, the customer, on your financial institution’s website. If you do not already use online banking, you should contact your financial institution for more information and assistance.

Internet banking needs to be completed five business days prior to the due date in order for it to complete the payment transfer. Check with your financial institution for details.

Under the bill payment section of your banking website, add the City of Mission  – Taxes as a bill payee. Use your property’s 9 digit roll number (no dashes) listed on your tax notice as the account number. 

NOTE:  The description for payee is specific to the banking institution.   If you are unsure whether or not you have selected City of Mission, please contact your financial institution.

**Mission became a City in 2021.  Not all Financial Institutions have updated their labels.  Please look for “Mission” and “Taxes” in the name/label.

By Mail

Consider mailing a cheque.  Cheques post-dated up to the due date are gladly accepted. AVOID A PENALTY! Envelopes received after July 2, 2024, but postmarked on or before Friday, June 14, 2024 will avoid the 10% penalty.

Make cheque payable to City of Mission and mail to:

City of Mission
8645 Stave Lake Street
P.O. Box 20
Mission, BC V2V 4L9


24 Hour Drop Off

Mail slot boxes are located at both the north and south entrances at Municipal Hall. Do not put cash in drop-off slots.


In Person

Bring your payment to the Finance Department located on the lower floor of Municipal Hall during regular business hours.

We do not accept credit cards.