Payment Supports

Tax Deferment Program

The Province of British Columbia offers two variations of the Property Tax Deferment Program which is a low interest loan program that assists qualified BC home owners to pay their annual property taxes.  Qualifications vary so please review each program to determine which one you qualify for:

  • Property Tax Deferment – 55 and older, surviving spouse, Person with a Disability (as defined by regulation)
  • Property Tax Deferment – Families with Children

Starting May 2020 the Property Tax Deferment program launched a new online Property Tax Deferment application at to make deferring your taxes easier – eliminating the need for paper forms and allowing you to auto renew .

Please note, the City of Mission does not accept deferment applications.

Property owners must still apply for their Home Owner Grant to the Province and make outstanding utility payments to the municipality.

If you have questions about the Property Tax Deferment program or the new online application, call 1-888-355-2700 toll free (in B.C.) or 250-387-0555 (outside B.C.), or email You can also find more information at

Home Owner Grants

Effective 2021, all home owner grant applications are made directly to the province. Residents in municipalities no longer apply through their municipal office.

For more information, and to claim your grant, please visit the BC Provincial Government Home Owner Grant website.

Retro Home Owner Grants

The retroactive home owner grant application process has changed.  Please visit the BC Provincial Government website to find out details on the new process.