Preauthorized Debit Plan

The Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD) allows property owners to set up automatic monthly prepayments towards the following year’s current taxes.  Ten monthly payments will be processed on the 15th of each month starting in August and ending the following May.  No payments will be processed in June or July.  The maximum monthly payment will be calculated by dividing the most recent tax levy (minus the Home Owner Grant) by ten; then adding 2%.  Your monthly payment can be for that amount, or a lesser amount.  PAD payments and over-payments are non-refundable.  Accounts with large over payments will be reduced automatically.  The annual tax notices are mailed at the end of May and will show that year’s tax levy, less the total prepayments and interest earned.  You are responsible for any outstanding balance and claiming the Home Owner Grant through the BC Provincial Website each year (if eligible).

Taxpayers intending on selling their homes and on the pre-authorized tax payment plan are responsible for cancelling payments [PDF/137KB] [PDF/137KB].

Prepayments to your tax account are non-refundable.  Please fill out the cancellation form and return to the City of Mission.

To Apply

Complete a Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD) application and return it together with either automatic withdrawal information from your Financial Institution or a cheque marked “VOID”, mail or deliver to the Finance Department at 8645 Stave Lake Street, P.O. Box 20, Mission, B.C.  V2V 4L9.

Monthly Payment

The monthly payment will be calculated by estimating the property taxes less Home Owner Grant, if applicable and dividing the balance by the number of participating months (10 between August 15th and May 15th).  Any balance remaining is due on the tax due date.  Any balance remaining unpaid after the tax due date is subject to the 10% penalty set out in the Community Charter.


Interest will be applied monthly from August 15th each year to May 15th of the year taxes are due, at an interest rate prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.  Interest earned on the prepayment plan is non-refundable, but will be applied to the tax account as a credit against future taxes.

Partial or Lump Sum Payments

At any time during the year you may make a payment, not exceeding the estimated net taxes for the following tax year.  This payment will be accepted and credited to the property tax account and will earn daily interest at a rate set by the provincial government.

Home Owner Grant

If eligible, you must claim the Home Owner Grant annually by the tax due date, through the BC Provincial Website.

Returned Payments

Please Note:  The City of Mission will charge a service fee, currently $35, on all pre-authorized payments that are returned.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To join in the plan, all current taxes must be paid in full with no outstanding taxes or unclaimed Home Owner Grants.  This plan is for next year’s property taxes, which you are pre-paying.
  2. If eligible, the Home Owner Grant must be claimed every year before the tax due date to avoid the penalty charge.
  3. If the estimate of monthly payments results in an underpayment of taxes, the remaining balance must be paid by the tax due date to avoid the penalty charge.  Any overpayment will be automatically applied to reduce the next year’s installment amount.
  4. A completed pre-authorized debit plan (PAD) application, together with a blank personal cheque marked “VOID” or automatic withdrawal information from your Financial Institution, must be delivered or mailed to the City of Mission, Property Tax Department.
  5. Personal information gathered in relation to enrollment in the monthly tax pre-authorized plan will be disclosed to the financial institution that holds the account of the City of Mission to be credited with the monthly tax pre-payment, to the extent that such disclosure is directly related to, and necessary for, the proper application of Rule H1 of the rules of the Canadian Payments Association.
  6. Any claim regarding a disputed monthly tax pre-payment made more than 10 days after which the payment was posted to the applicant’s tax account must be resolved solely between the applicant and the City of Mission.  There is no entitlement for reimbursement from the processing financial institution.
  7. Monthly payments will be calculated by estimating the taxes (less Home Owner Grant, if applicable) and dividing the amount by ten months.  Monthly payments, commencing August 15, will be credited to next year’s taxes.  If your circumstances change, you will need to contact the Property Tax Department immediately to have your monthly amount adjusted.
  8. Taxpayers may terminate participation in the plan at any time upon written notice to the Collector, Property Tax Department.  All adjustments or cancellations must be made by the 5th of each month.
  9. If the property is sold, it is the owner’s responsibility to inform the Finance Department in writing. Notice is required by the 5th of the month in which the property was sold in order that participation in the plan may be discontinued, or arrangements made to transfer a credit to a newly-acquired property.
  • Notification of any change in banking information must be received by the 5th of the month.
  • Interest accrues daily from the date of pre-payment, and is applied as a discount against the tax account.  Rates are prescribed each year by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.
  • Interest will be reversed on dishonored payments, and a $35 fee will be debited to the pre-authorized withdrawal account.
  • Participation in the plan will automatically cease if any two payments (do not have to be consecutive) fail to be honoured by the applicant’s bank within the 10-month withdrawal period (August to May).