FireSmart in Mission

What is FireSmart? 

Mission Fire Rescue Service follows the principles of the FireSmart BC and FireSmart Canada programs. Our goal is to help educate homeowners on how to prepare for a wildfire through FireSmart initiatives. These initiatives are built upon solid scientific research and are proven to protect communities and structures from wildfires. The responsibility to be protected from wildfires is shared between homeowners, neighborhoods, communities, and all levels of government.

  • Question:  I want to FireSmart my property by removing vegetation around structures, can I burn the debris?
  • Answer:  Following a FREE FireSmart property assessment by our staff, a Community Wildfire Protection permit may be issued which will allow you to burn the debris. A member from MFRS will assess potential wildfire hazards on your house and property and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them. Free FireSmart property assessments are available to residents of Mission.

FireSmart Website

FireSmart Property Assessment (Free)

Home Ignition Zone – Think About the Embers

The Home Ignition Zone extends 30 meters away from the home and is comprised of three separate zones. These zones include the Immediate Zone, Intermediate Zone, and the Extended Zone.  By applying FireSmart initiatives in each of the above-mentioned zones you will greatly improve the chances of your home and property surviving a wildfire event.

It’s important to note that it’s not always the leading edge of a wildfire that causes structure loss. Studies show that wind-blown embers from nearby wildfires are a significant mechanism of fire spread within the wildland urban interface.

House in a wooded area surrounded by red, yellow, and green boundaries showing fire danger zones

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