Are Illegal

Mission Fire Rescue Service reminds everyone that under Bylaw 1706-1987 the sale or use of firecrackers and other fireworks of every nature or kind is prohibited within the City of Mission.

An organization can apply for a special fireworks permit at City Hall in accordance with the Fireworks Bylaw [PDF/47KB]. A representative of the organization must hold a current “Fireworks Operator Certificate” issued by Natural Resources Canada.

Anyone convicted of using fireworks without a permit may be subject under Bylaw to a fine of up to $1,000.

Are Dangerous

Many people regard the use of fireworks as a harmless bit of fun. As with most things, problems occur when they are not used correctly and result in serious injury. The Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program has stated that injuries associated with fireworks most frequently occur in males under the age of 19. The most common type of injury is burns followed by head, eye, and hand injuries. Three-quarters of injuries required medical treatment in emergency departments. Many of these injuries occurred around the patient’s own home, and 34% of those injuries were the result of an explosion while in the hand of the user.

In addition, the chemicals used to manufacture some pyrotechnics can burn at several thousand degrees. These same chemicals make it impossible to douse the fireworks with water – they have to burn themselves out.

Diagram showing significant injuries can occur to multiple areas of the body when using fireworks