Parking Regulations

Parking in Mission is regulated through Part 8 of the Traffic Regulation Bylaw [PDF/359KB].

It sets out what types of vehicles and equipment can be parked in different areas, and for how long vehicles can be parked.

Here are some important highlights from the Bylaw. Read the full section [PDF/359KB] for more details or contact us if you need more information.

Common Issues with Parked Vehicles & Trailers

The highlights below represent the parking infractions we see most often in Mission. This isn’t  a complete list of regulations – for the complete list, see Part 8 of the Traffic Regulation Bylaw.

  • Parking in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic.
  • Parking for more than 2 hours downtown or for more time than allowed in a time-limited spot.
  • Parking a truck or commercial vehicle exceeding 5,500 kg licensed gross vehicle weight in a residential area.
  • Obstructing sidewalks, walking-strips, or boulevards, or within a corridor designated for the use of pedestrians, cyclists, or equestrians.
  • Parking within 5 metres of a fire hydrant or 6 metres of a stop sign.
  • Parking on the roadside for more than 48 hours without movement.
  • Parking without a valid licence plate or without insurance.

Read the full Traffic Regulation Bylaw [PDF/359KB]