Sidewalks & Walkways

If you observe a sidewalk heave from hot weather or sidewalk hazards, please report it to Public Works.

There are approximately 100 kilometres of sidewalks throughout the community, including stairways and walkways, with more new sidewalks being added every year. The City of Mission has a sidewalk inspection and maintenance program, which includes:

  • Inspection of each section of sidewalk annually for defects and hazards;
  • Removal or trimming of vegetation, which may obstruct use of the sidewalk;
  • Grind displacements, which are prioritized based on the amount of displacement;
  • Filling of cracks; and
  • Replacement of sections as required, including heaves from hot weather.

The City of Mission has a number of programs to construct sidewalks on existing streets.  For most of the major streets, new sidewalks will be constructed as part of the reconstruction and widening project for that section of major street.  Additional funds also are budgeted annually to construct small sections of additional sidewalks, to extend from the end of existing sidewalks or to fill in the gaps, which may exist between two existing sections of sidewalk.

For more information regarding future sidewalk construction, please call Engineering at 604-820-3736.