The City of Mission operates two water systems under permit from the Ministry of Health:

  1. City of Mission Water System, Facility Number 0712453
  2. Ruskin Townsite Water System, Facility Number 0712597

Information on water testing and monitoring

Mission Water System

Water is received from a Water and Sewer Commission (WSC) operated jointly by the City of Mission and the City of Abbotsford. The WSC maintains the bulk water supply system, which service both the City of Mission and the City of Abbotsford. The bulk supply includes two surface sources, Cannel Lake and Norrish Creek, the treatment systems at each source and the trunk water mains from these sources to the City of Mission water system.

Water is received at various locations from the WSC and then distributed through 170 kilometres of water mains to the 30,000 residents served with water from the Mission Water System. All urban areas and most suburban areas north of the urban areas are served by the water system, however most rural areas are not, with the exception of residents fronting the trunk water main along Dewdney Trunk Road and Ainsworth Street to the Cannel Lake source.

For more information on the WSC system and water treatment contact, phone 604-853-5485.

Ruskin Townsite Water System

The water supply is from twin intakes using submersible pumps in the Hayward Lake.

The water from the lake receives the following treatment:

  1. Primary filtration by 10 micro absolute, stainless steel self-cleaning filters.
  2. Secondary filtration by 5 micro absolute washable/disposable cartridge filters.
  3. Primary disinfection, ultra violet light units.
  4. Secondary disinfection, hypo chloride injection of 6% solution at approximately 2 mg/L.

The treated water is piped approximately 1 km to an 181,500 litre (40,000 gallon) reservoir.

The water in the reservoir is distributed to approximately 13 homes in the Ruskin Townsite and the Ruskin Trailer Court at 9960 and 9970 Wilson Street.

The Triple Creek Trailer Court at 10221 Wilson Street is not serviced from the Ruskin Townsite Water System; it is supplied by a privately operated onsite system.

There currently are approximately 150 persons served by the Ruskin Townsite Water System.

Fluoride is not added to either the Mission or Ruskin Water Systems.

Operational Control

Both water system operations are monitored through radio telemetry to a central computer. The monitoring system has a dual capacity to track actual conditions, plus sends an alarm when any one of a number of critical conditions occurs. An alarm, when received by the computer phones city staff to alert them to the situation. The system operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Water Restrictions and Conservation

Water is a Precious Commodity

We owe it to ourselves to use this resource wisely and to minimize waste. Due to high peak water demands in the summer, water restrictions are implemented each year. Watering restrictions will ensure that Mission residents continue to have a high quality water supply capable of supporting a growing population.





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