Water Meters

Water Meters in Mission: Tracking Consumption for Efficiency

Welcome to the City of Mission’s water meter system, a modern solution enhancing water management since 2009. Through Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), our technology utilizes radio frequency to transmit usage information seamlessly. This ensures up-to-date water consumption data for quarterly billing.

For Utility Invoicing Inquiries, Contact Us:

Phone: 604-820-3718
Email: utilityfees@mission.ca

Water Meter Location and Maintenance

Water meter boxes and curb stop risers are city property, strategically placed near the property line. These boxes may become buried over time, but don’t worry – if you need help finding your water meter, reach out to the Public Works Department at 604-820-3761.

Request for a Utility Review: Detecting and Addressing Leaks

If you suspect a leak causing a spike in your quarterly utility bill, a utility review is essential. Check out the following information:

To address potential leaks, contact Public Works at 604-820-3761 or fill out the Utility Invoice Review Form. While we make efforts to inform, homeowners must engage a plumber for repairs.

Watch Our Tutorial on Checking Your Water Meter

Before following the steps, ensure no water is in use on your property. Watch our short video demonstrating how easy it is to check your water meter for potential leaks.

Step-by-Step Water Meter Check:

  1. Locate the water meter box in your front yard near the property line.
  2. Lift the box lid carefully, avoiding damage to the radio wire.
  3. Identify the meter read display inside the box.
  4. Observe the sweep hand or indicator dial for at least one minute.
  5. Active water usage may indicate a leak. Turn off the main water valve to isolate it.

Common Leak Locations:

  • Toilets (check for silent leaks with food coloring)
  • Faucets (inside and outside)
  • Areas with possible tree root damage

Understanding Water Rates and Conservation

Explore our Water Bylaw (2196-1990) [PDF/3.7MB] and Water Rates Bylaw (2197-1990) [PDF/310KB].

Use the water calculator to estimate your consumption and associated costs.

The Cost of Ignoring Leaks: A Financial and Environmental Perspective

Even a small leak can add up! Consider the financial and environmental impact of leaks, illustrated below:

  • 1/16″ hole: Wastes 3.57 m³ in 24 hours – Cost: $8.81/day or $1058.14 in 120 days
  • 1/8″ hole: Wastes 14 m³ in 24 hours – Cost: $34.58/day or $4149.60 in 120 days
  • 3/16″ hole: Wastes 32.13 m³ in 24 hours – Cost: $79.36/day or $9523.33 in 120 days

Did you know? A leaking toilet can waste over 600 cubic meters of water a month or 20 cubic meters a day!