Following Council Approval in May 2018, the District of Mission has retained a consultant team to conduct high-level long-term planning for the 3,440-acre Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area (SCPA) identified in the attached image and the District’s Official Community Plan (OCP) for future growth.

Aerial MAP – MIS Public Announcement

The objective is to develop a Master Infrastructure Strategy (MIS) through a series of technical studies undertaken in the SCPA from July 1st-December 31st, 2018 by the following technical consultant team:

  • EKISTICS Planning – Master Planning and Project Management
  • PGL Environmental Consultants – Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • InterCAD Services – Municipal Services Engineering Assessment
  • Bunt & Associates Engineering – Transportation Planning Assessment
  • GeoPacific Consultants – Geotechnical Assessment
  • Arrowstone Archaeological Research & Consulting – Archaeological Overview Assessment
  • P. Rollo & Associates – Retail Demand Assessment + Infrastructure Cost Recovery Analysis

What is a Master Infrastructure Strategy (MIS)?
An MIS is a technically-based, long term strategy that will inventory and designate key higher level environmental, geotechnical + archaeological features, identify infrastructure required to support growth without designating land uses, and prepare and evaluate alternate infrastructure alignments and capacities for municipal servicing.

Why is the MIS Important?
While the MIS is not a neighbourhood plan, it will fill the technical gap between the OCP Vision for the SCPA and future neighbourhood plans by guiding development in the SCPA and the ultimate organized growth of the community.

More information on the project can be found on page 58 of the May 22nd, 2018 Council agenda.

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