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Spring Cleanup – April 29 to May 10

During Spring Cleanup, single-family homes with curbside collection can put out an additional two cubic metres of waste on their regular garbage collection day.

What’s a cubic metre? 

It’s about six garbage bags, or one stove, or one armchair. Anything beyond the limit of two cubic metres will be left behind.

What are the rules?

  • All materials must be secured and manageable by two people. Please do not pile materials loosely
  • Only set out spring cleanup materials on your garbage collection day. Please refer to the curbside collection calendar for your pick up date.
  • Please clean up leftover debris promptly

Don’t miss your Spring Cleanup Collection Day!

Download the Recycle Coach app ahead of Spring Cleanup 2019!  Set reminders in your app so you never miss your curbside collection day.

You’ll also get calendar notifications for events like Spring Cleanup and the Rot Pot compost giveaway, and there’s a great what-goes-where feature to help you figure out where to drop off those hard-to-recycle items.

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Unacceptable Items – Check Below for Free Drop-off Options

  • Construction, demolition and renovation wastes, including drywall, flooring materials, cabinetry, lumber, fencing, roofing, bricks, rocks, toilets, sinks, and windows
  • Hazardous materials and liquids, including toxic, flammable, corrosive and petroleum products, needles, animal wastes, paint, pesticides, used oil, antifreeze, and fluorescent lights
  • Electronics and automotive parts, including TVs, computers, monitors, printers, tires, and car batteries

For additional recycling options, visit or call the Recycling Hotline at 1-800-667-4321.

Household Hazardous Waste Day – May 11

Residents of Mission and Fraser Valley Regional District Electoral Areas C, F & G (proof required) can drop off residential hazardous waste at the Mission Recycling Depot on Saturday, May 11, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

No commercial or agricultural products will be accepted.

For more information visit, consult your curbside collection calendar, e-mail or call the District’s Engineering Department at 604-820-3736.